Rise of the Tomb Raider Part 49 Lara and the Lost City

Let’s play Rise of the Tomb Raider with Lara Croft! She’s so amazing and always finding herself in different adventures. We’ll see how many more games she’ll have. Do you like the new Lara or the old one? Please leave a like, comment and subscribe!

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One of the game’s intentions was to craft a more “personal” experience for players, and the team wanted to explore the journey in which Lara becomes the tomb raider. She becomes determined to uncover more myths, and convinces the world that they are real at the end of the 2013 reboot; this became her major driving force in the sequel. Although Lara must still struggle to survive, she is more confident and competent. The team tried to find a balance, making Lara more experienced and competent but vulnerable in crisis and appealing to players. They hoped that in the story, players could see Lara’s character progression. To indicate her hunger for knowledge, the team adjusted the collectibles; players would learn a new language, unlocking new content and upgrades. The new crafting system reflects Lara’s resourcefulness, and her ability to use the environment against her enemies highlights her intelligence.

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