Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 – Move Apps to a Memory Card

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 – Move Apps to a Memory Card

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  • I have samsung galaxy tab a. There was an update and I cannot move apps to SD card. Please tell me the new path. Samsung's AI doesn't even recognize GALAXY TAB A 2019!

  • I didn't have an SD card at first, now that I have it, Samsung told me to copy ALL my files from internal memory to SD card, but couldn't then tell me what to delete from the internal memory. I'm overdue for an update, but don't have enough RAM in the internal memory. The Samsung tech said to do a factory reset, but he also couldn't tell me how much space the update required (I later found out it's nearly 500 mb). None of this gives me confidence in Samsung techs!

  • So how do you get to the app once it's on the ad card? And if you remove said sd card and put it in your phone does it no longer work on the tab?

  • this didn't work for my SM-T580 but this link from samsung does!topic/apps/move_apps_to_a_microsd_card

  • This video in incorrect for my Tab A with S-Pen. I do not have a change option, and my screens look different than what is shown in this video. for example, I do not have an "applications" choice, mine has Apps, and I don't have a change option anywhere.

  • I do not have "applications" in settings. I'm using a samsung galaxy tab A 10.1 I do not have "application manager" either.

  • I sorta like that tablet, but changing apps to storage does basically nothing, i have 16gb storage on it, and that is no where near enough…

  • The android operating system for this tablet allows you to run all of the apps off of the sd card, so you never have to move an app. I don't know why samsung didn't use this feature. This is worse than the old system. You used to be able to select a list of apps that run off the sd card. Not with this tablet! Every time you update an app, it moves back to internal memory. This makes running apps on the sd card nearly impossible if you have a lot of apps. For this and other reasons, I'm really hate this tablet.

  • Samsung is really an ass when releasing mid or low market product. 16gb in 2017 or 2018 is a total disgrace. It should give us 32gb option

  • Hello and thanks for the tutorial! I have a question. Is there an application that would make the SD card the default storage (this option does not exist in the tablet itself)?
    As it is now, if I want to download music or movies I can't. Because with the 16GB (and almost full) internal memory it's not enough.
    Anytime an application has been updated it goes automatically to the internal storage so I have to keep moving them back manually to the SD card, if not the rest won't update since not enough space…..
    I have 1,3 GB left of free space on internal storage and 97GB on SD card.
    I hope someone got an answer to this! Thank you!

  • Thanks for the video, really helps. I just bought myself a Galaxy Tab A 10.1" for Christmas. Don't really know how SD cards work, but i will soon find out or work it out.

  • It appears that this does not work. Yes. You can follow all the steps shown in the video. However, you will notice that only a small portion of the app (probably the data needed to run the app) will be moved to the SD card. The app stays in the internal memory after the procedures performed as shown here. Please can anyone help? For example, can we format the SD card as an internal and not portable storage?

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