Samsung Tablet Boot Loop Repair – DIY

How we repair our #Samsung Galaxy Tab A, tablet continuous boot loop problem. DIY SM-T350 reboot problem.
This problem is well documented in forums, on YouTube and many other places. There are many solutions given. Clear the cache, this has worked in many cases but it kept happening on ours. A factory reset was recommended, I tried this on my tablet but, this only annoyed me because I then had to reinstall everything I needed and didn’t help. Other solutions involved letting the battery fully discharge and then recharge it fully, tried this on my tablet and it only lasted a week before getting real bad. Another solution was to use a conductive paste or glue to fix any loose connection, I just found this one, but you have to take the back cover off to do this and I only wanted to do this one time.

A simple solution I found after trying many solutions on my tablet, was to just replace the battery. This seemed to take care of the problem on my tablet and cost less than $20. I did this on my tablet first because even though my tablet was newer than Sherry’s, my tablet started acting up first. I use it for more things than she does. It got to the point that it wouldn’t even boot without power plugged into the USB port.

To start the process of replacing the battery on this tablet, while it may seem obvious, turn the tablet off, and remove the micro SD card. Turning it off can be a problem if it’s in the reboot mode, and you can’t get it to stop, try plugging it in first to a charger and then turn it off.

The replacement battery came with tools to open the case, a new battery and nothing else, no instructions, no other information, but there are lots of videos showing how to use these tools, and while they worked well on my tablet, Sherry’s tablet broke everything they included in the package. No problem, I have other tools that are more durable.

Mechanically Declined to Mechanically Inclined Rating 3

A utility knife is sharp enough to slide into the space between the back cover and the chrome bezel, this starts the process of removing the back cover. This starts the process, but a utility knife is sharp and can cause damage to the tablet or to me. A flexible metal putty knife is a good tool to use to pry the back off, the rest of the way around the tablet. Be very careful doing this, the back is held in place with many snap in place tabs that can break if you don’t pry it out and apart, and every once in a while touch something metal to dissipate any static electricity that may have built up on you.

With the back cover off, you now have access to the battery and many other things. To remove the battery, the battery has a label that’s designed to be used as a handle to remove the battery from the compartment. Pealing up the label gives you a way to pull on the battery to loosen it from the adhesive tape that holds it in place. This tape will be reused to hold the new battery in place.

With the battery loose from the tape the last thing to hold it in place is the connector. Don’t just pull on this connector. Half of it is soldered in place on the board and can be damaged if it is just pulled on. There are 2 ways to remove this connector, one is to put a lever like a small screwdriver under it to pry it off the part that’s soldered to the board, the other is to hold the connector down lightly while pulling up on the battery side of the connector. This keeps the pressure off the soldered side of the connector, but allows the battery side of the connector to be pealed off.

With the battery disconnected set the old one aside and get the new one and check the size to make sure it’s the right size. Now connect the new battery to the soldered connector, pressing it into place, you’ll hear a click or two when it’s correctly seated, and then set the new battery down into the battery space. Lightly press it on to the adhesive tape and it’s installed.

Link for the battery kit

This is #HowWeDoIt to make videos and the tools we use:

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  • Omfg the battery just got here today and i was so exited to fix this stupid bootloop but switching the battery but it didnt work. Do you know how to get to that factory reset screen i cant seem to get it to show up?

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