– Sapa has long been known as a miniature Europe with the sub-temperate climate all around the year. Bewitching natural scenery and the romantic beauty of the nature will certainly be attractive enough for tourist to experience and explore.

– Sapa has long been renowned as one of the most attractive holiday destinations in Vietnam tourism. It is currently one of the rendezvous a great number of domestic and international tourists are seeking to explore, admire the amazing beauty of the nature. Sapa is a peaceful land but hides many wonders the Creator favorably bestowed.

– The mountains and hills endlessly stretching in the mist, deep valleys, the winding mountain passes, the golden terraced fields in the ripe season, the dazzling orchid and peach gardens will certainly attractive enough for tourists to explore the misty city. Sapa is the convergence of the fascinating natural scenery and peaceful life.

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