Sibley IowaTornado strikes , 2010. Amazing pictures.

This is real. The meteorologists kept saying get in the basement or take cover under something. Then the sirens went off. These are videos of the storm, the funnel cloud, and the aftermath, including pictures of the cars that took shelter under the freeway overpass, unsuccessfully. My sympathy goes out to the folks who lost their farms, their animals, and their whole livelihood. I also want to thank the Sibley Fire Dept, the Sheriff’s dept, and all the volunteers from other towns and other fire departments who helped (and are now still helping) these people try to put their lives back together.
Approx 12 farms, and a hog farm were totally destroyed or damaged badly, including some 1000 hogs that were killed in the Tornado. Many had to be shot, that were in pain.

Thanks to Matt Hodapp for the amazing Funnel Cloud Picture shown at Little Rock., before it hit us. I received the picture a bit too late for the video, but it is shown on my home page featured video.

I am not used to making videos of sad events like this as you know, but this is an important reminder that we are puny, in the big picture, so we must heed the warnings of mother nature to survive.

Thanks for watching and any support you may have for the families.

To make donations, offer assistance, or make a comment to the families: Email:

Chamber of Commerce website.

Dave Herbert


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  • Probably couldn't have hit a better county and town. To bad the tornado wasn't worse and more selective.

  • Not that I would do it, but I think it's a survival instinct to take cover under anything if you're out in the middle of nowhere with a tornado coming at you, even if it's an overpass and that's probably why motorists do it.

  • You fought in Nam… You sir are a brave, BRAVE man! And I thank you for the support that you did to keep us safe during that time. I hope nothing was destroyed of the people in Sibley. And I hope it didn't hurt you or anyone else. Coming here from your fire video I can say that you were devastated when this happened if it destroyed anything you own, or others own.

  • O my god that little upbeat song playing in the background doesn't mesh with the graphic images in the vid…COOL

  • Great job showing the aftermath of a tornado.I hope and pray that no one got hurt.Thanks for the posting.

  • "Also, you'll see what happens if you try to hide under a freeway overpass when a tornado is on the ground while in your car."
    1. Who the fuck would do that? 'Cause it provides sooo much cover -.-
    2. You die, quite hilariously.

  • @ionstar: Indiana policy is to sound the sirens when a severe T storm warning is in effect and radar indicates rotation or "hooks". Someday you may be thankful!

  • I liked the video, although I had to watch it with my speakers off, couldn't take the music, but other than that, I think you're pretty brave to stand out there under all that thunder and lightning like you did…great job on the video.. ( change the music), lol 🙂

  • Amazing video! When i first started watching I thought I was watching a documentary. Brave soul btw for standing out in that. Subscribed

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