[SOLVED] How to fix Android Studio 3.4 Error "Unable to Connect to ADB"

I have a project that I am working on using Android Studio 3.4 and Genymotion 3.0.5 as the emulator. When I want to run the project, an error appears “Unable to connect to ADB. Check the event log for possible issues. Verify that your localhost entry is pointing to or 1 or IPv4 or IPv6, respectively.” I’m confused, because in the previous version of Android Studio there has never been an error like this. Then I looked for ways on how to resolve this Unable to connect to ADB error on the internet. and finally I used this method and succeeded. good luck, and don’t forget to subscribe.


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  • Same problem but I am not understanding what are you doing and if I have no genymotion then how can I run my app… please tell me.

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