Soneva Kiri (Thailand), world's most AMAZING hotel: full tour

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  • I love your video's, it is all very beautiful and tasteful! I have one little comment: You turn a little too fast on your panoramic shots. I can't focus on what is shown.

  • Just to let you no north east of Phuket Island is a unfinished boutique hotel built in a mangrove swamp.This property is haunted Thai locals will not work there hence the construction is not finished this was going to be the number one hotel in Siam.Ive visit Thailand every year with my job at Trailfiinders over 30 years now and I’ve stayed here a few times,has the essence of old Siam ,which is sadly lost due to new hotels being built for the western world,,,beautiful video as always…

  • I recently bought a 35 inch computer monitor from my computer desk a nice sound system so watching videos like this like I'm almost there and I don't want to stop the video because it's so mesmerizing

  • truelly not so amazing .villas have greenish moist on the its a bit left aside. needs a ggod dose of fresh up by the owners. the surroundings are mangrove so the location is not the best.

    outside tubs have rust everywhere. outside pools bottoms are gettin old.

    i will definitely never go

  • Sorry but this is not world's amazing hotel for me Theres even more BEAUTIFUL resorts here in Thailand than this this looks normal to me nothing impressive

  • Would never have guessed that a swede was involved in this. I mean WOW! I am from Sweden my self. Amazing! Great videos as well. Have been up all night watching your amazing clips.

  • I've just discovered your channel.
    Your videos are superb and the choice of music amazing.
    They can be used as relaxation or even therapeutic videos.
    Lots of thanks for sharing!

  • I've watched about a dozen or more of your videos and they're all so incredibly beautiful, the tranquility is hypnotizing and addictive. The extreme opulence and luxury explains such enormous price tags but what I cannot understand is how there can be so many of these facilities all over the world and yet they all stay in business. It doesn't seem that there could be enough filthy rich people to keep them occupied year 'round but there must be. No ordinary person can possibly afford one of these vacations. Obviously that's a big part of the attraction but it's just really starting to depress me realizing that, even making six figures, I will never afford to take my family to any of these places, much less fly them all first class. Jimminy Christmas! I suppose there's always the lottery. lol

  • Please share why you prefer Soneva over Six S and 4 Seasons? After several videos they’re starting to look similar but different. 🤷‍♂️

  • Beautifully filmed, but the place itself looks somewhat grubby for a "luxurious" resort — especially those slimy green pools! Their resorts in the Maldives are much nicer.

  • you know, i watch this video over and over. i'm still amazed at it all. i hope to one day stay there. i love all your travel videos, especially to thailand and viet nam. my only concern…..getting up in my age, while i can still do many adventurous things, the one adventurous thing i am not able to do is eat seafood. i've never been able to eat seafood my whole life. i've tried many different things, i just can't eat it. i see so much seafood in the restaurants you show at the various resorts, would someone like me, who doesn't eat seafood, be able to enjoy themselves?

  • Thank you for your best videos ever… The way you edit your videos it makes me feel stress free and it feels that I'm actually there with you… All the Best 💜💎💎

  • Everything about your videos is so wonderful. Such artistry combined with stunning views, exceptional music and tranquil vibes. Please keep making these outstanding presentations!!

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