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The Google Play Store is one big bag of apps. When we browse through the browser, we see an entire bag of apps made available for that country. From the browser (if we are logged in) we can choose which device we want to install the application (the same Google Account we are logged in must be configured on the target device). We also see how we can not install applications.


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When we do this on a phone or tablet, we usually use an app called Google Play that filters the sack and displays so many of those that are compatible with the device we’re browsing. Similar to AndroidTV, here we have a store app and this only filters out those that are compatible with AndroidTV.

AndroidTV (its filter bag) greatly limits the availability of applications, which is due to screen format, resolution and functionality of the TV, but also limited to the ability to control the application (we only have a remote control, we do not have a touch screen).


Step by step:
1. Download the application to your computer and transfer it to an external storage device. The storage medium should be FAT32 formatted.
2. Place the storage media on the TV.
3. Enable the option to install applications from an external source.
4. Install the ES FILE EXPLORER and run the application installation from external media.
5. Optionally use the APP REPO TV to create a shortcut to the installed application on the home screen

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6 Replies to “Sony Bravia & Philips: How to Install Any App onto Android TV!”

  1. Thanks for sharing this tip! I just brought home a SONY Bravia and followed your steps. But, I got stuck because I cannot find ES File Explorer! Then, I was thinking maybe I could find other tool to do the sideloading. Oh, BTW, simply sideloading is not possible now because Android 8 and 9 do not allow users to sideload from a flash drive. So, I browsed around on Google Play Store and found a tool called "MI Box APK Installer". I downloaded and installed it and It actually works on installing all my APK collection from my old Android TV. Just to share with you guys who have the same situation like mine.

  2. Guys
    I have tried it in your method but still not working ..!!
    Help me out
    It’s saying that you haven’t purchased the app from the store…or.. it stucks….

  3. Way better options is to install:

    And off you go, all applications can be installed straight from your tv.

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