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You can bypass Password, PIN, Pattern lock on XPERIA smartphones from the service menu. You can do this with phones with old version of Android system (under v4.2). For the new versions you must use another method with Sony PC Companion:

If you have registered Google account on this phone, you can pass the security with it. You must be in range of previously used with this phone WiFi network.
To enter service menu, open the emergency call keyboard and enter *#*#7378423#*#*.
From the menu select “Customization settings”, then “Reset Customization”.
!!! ATTENTION !!! This will erase all your personal data.

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23 Replies to “Sony XPERIA – Bypass Password / Hard Reset from service menu”

  1. thank you so much for creating this useful video i really appriciated it fix my sony experia lt18i…for some who forgot ther password etc…kindly watch this..

  2. Hey thanks, it really helped with my phone I'm not putting a password next time got young siblings and they messed with it, and again thanks for the video

  3. Uh the "Emergency Dial" one. I have enter the number and dint work. Also my phone updated to the latest version.. Is there a new number or?

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