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Tutorial: How to enable 4K all the time
This is an quick and easy guide how to enable native 4K all the time on your Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Sony Xperia XZ Premium:

all credit goes to this guide I found:

NOTE: if your dialer crashes, install a 3rd party launcher and set it to default.

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47 Replies to “Sony Xperia XZ Premium | How to enable 4K all the time”

  1. Tell me please. Can a non-standard resolution be displayed on MHL in a similar way? Is it 4: 3 or 16:10?

  2. cannot get ADB to see my phone, PC drivers installed, dev mode enabled and allow USB debugging …. someone help please!!!

  3. how to restore at all
    – all data corrupted
    TWRP is failed to made "true backup"
    – is made backup not one but twos
    – but both of them are "nothing"
    if I restore phone stuck on logo
    – but If I use someone other rom who is just ugly
    – phone just starting
    (but nothing working)
    need some other backup system and data
    – to recover phone at all
    how I listening youtube
    – on my phone whole time with screen on
    – otherwise because of some own build.prop
    – no screen on
    – almost nothing working except phone and sms
    – and so
    – some eight hours screen on
    – date of phone 2016 imagine how old is battery is on you
    when I buy a phone
    – I working on them some five months and then is usable how I want
    – on anyone
    – compromises best app for some job
    – install them lot and then take a look
    Samsung calculator for other devices
    Samsung gallery (also everything in folders)
    (made new photo screenshot etc etc gallery warn you new photo)
    (not needed to searching where is saved)
    folders folders folders
    – working with folders
    – why if someone asking
    folder are borders inside things are folks whom you need
    – super easy
    – all other way Is just stupid
    once arranged how I want
    – I searching never ever more nothing on my phone
    – I known where is what instantly in one eye view
    – you all have not clue about where is what on yours own phones
    weather never ever refreshing at them own
    – only when I touching temperature
    – best way
    – nothing on internet only when I need
    that is how I organize things
    – how you doing who care want not even considering about

  4. Well the last Sony update forced 4K at all times and yes the text is clearer, but I reverted back to 1080p as my battery life has been terrible since and this is something I need more than the quality of the text. But either way just update your phone and you don't have to go through all the hassle which is in this video. Oh by the way his DPI are still for the FULL HD, with the official update it shows 803 DPI -) Which in my opinion is an overkill for such a small screen, but nice to have for pics and videos.

  5. when i enter on aida 64,it show me 801 DPI and 4k resolution,i just buyed the phone,upgrate to android 8 and that was all ,no roots,flash or other things 🙂

  6. Does that require rooting the device? I am going to buy a Z5 Premium and need to know if that works. I am planning to use this device as a PDF reader personal for my bed

  7. Change Resolution and DPI (back to default)

    – Type "adb shell"
    – Type "wm size 1080×1920"
    – Type "wm density 403"

  8. nice. i can definitely see the difference. wm size 1440×2560 wm density 545 works flawlessly. all the others density doesn't center the nav bar correctly. i was skeptical about trying this scsreen resolution change but what the hell. such a great phone to not have that kind of display.

  9. I just bought this phone yesterday, and the AIDA64 app showed that the phone runs at 2160×3840 out of the box (after updating). I wonder if Sony just made it 4k all the time in recent updates.

  10. The guy also said in his video that it crashes whenever you try and call someone. Waste of time and could Fcuk up ur phone 📱. Ur not a developer so don't play with thing's you don't understand. Don't you think Sony would have permanently put this full time 4k into there phone if it was that easy. It would make it a Samsung beater with permanent 4k. They don't fir a reason….

  11. Well #done Franc! I #bought one and … #SONY is SONY! I #swear these SONY #phones have more #character than any #dildo-shaped Zamzung or the #expensive Chinese nonsense phoneys.

  12. Cant believe I didn't do this sooner on my xz premium. Display is definately crisper. Assume Sony downscaled it to 1080p for battery conservation.

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