Spider Hunter Amazing City 3D Android Gameplay #10

Spider Hunter Amazing City is new intense 3D first person action shooter game. Game contains singleplayer. You can pick from arsenal of weapons – army knife, desert eagle, RPG, sniper gun, m4 rifle, AK 47, grenade, uzi. Realistic outdoor hd graphics is compareable to visuals of AAA assault army games from high-end PC. You can configure graphics to fit your device, so you can play more smootly and your movement will be more fluent. This game was made on unity engine. Each class contains main weapon, but you can also buy / upgrade other weapons, ammo, armor and bullets to the primal gun. Singleplayer campaign mission consists of simple task, which is to eliminate all spiders from city. After each finished game, you gain experience ( xp ) and bounty money.
Each match is not time limited. After you die, you will return to the war frontline battlefield, so you won’t be pernamently dead. You can avenge yourself and gunshot surviving killer spider with critical damage. Every game you gain skills, that will help you to achieve desirable victory.
Become the best ruthless online hero assassin who will lead headshot leaderboards ranks in this memorable stellar game with unique feel. Dive in to the new gaming experience with hours of not ordinary gameplay.

– Possibility to Demolish buildings
– Stunning 3D mountain park ( hill ) graphics
– Hours of fun gameplay with this great shooter simulator
– 9 spider types to kill ( tarantula, black widow etc)
– 6 levels, more to come

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