Spring is Here! So is the Money! | E86 Chippewa County | Farming Simulator 19

Welcome to Chippewa County on Farming Simulator 19!
Chippewa County Map:

If you would like to play multiplayer with us, please join us on TeamSpeak! Farming Simulator servers can be found by searching for RDAllen.
Simply add a bookmark to TeamSpeak with the server address: rdallen.verygames.net; Password: “rdallen”
If you don’t have teamspeak you can download the Teamspeak Client at:

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  • from what I remember the coding I done on that bronco, the handling was set up to change between the wheels and tires, the regular road tires and the mall crawler wheels not handling snow as well as the offroad wheels! I put extra care into the coding for the handling and how the wheels reacted to the terrain! Also is there a JD 6320 mod out? I think I can get a model but if theres one already then no point in me trying to do one!

  • Happy Thanksgiving Randy and Everyone. The John Deere V-ripper subsoiler counts as a plow. Have used it quite a bit in Hazzard County and it works great.

  • Subsoilers do work as and count as a plow, dunno why it's not working, the only reason I can see is it's not leaving a "plow" texture, so seasons are not reading it as plowed.

  • there’s 9 countries that celebrate thanksgiving Germany,Japan,Canada,America,Liberia, And some Caribbean islands I think there might be like one or two more though

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