SSD Firmware update

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  • how do you update the firmware on two ssd's in raid 0. I plan on getting the crucial c300 256 gb drives. The firmware updates for the crucial are non destructive so you don't lose any data when you update the firmware so how do you update it especially since you have to set the sata mode to ide in the bios before the update according to crucial.

  • @TheArea510 Some OCZ firmware is destructive and some is not. You will most likely have to create an image, update the firmware one at a time and rebuild your raid array. I don't know if you can keep your data in tact. I suggest you get on the OCZ forums and ask them. (give them your model number) They will tell you what to do. My new SSD is different from this one. Good luck

  • @zver711 Also, you normally don't want to update firmware on "normal" spinning HDs. The controllers in SSDs are new tech and constantly evolving. That's why we update.

  • @zver711 These F/W updates haev many bug fixes in them. Each time you do one you minimize the chance you may have a problem and also sometimes get higher performance. Hope that answers your question.

  • This vid is very useful for someone who is actually wants to flash the drive. I however, never owned an SSD, and never flashed firmware on any of my old HDDs. What is the reason for it. I usually keep the philosophy – if it ain't broken, don't fix it.

  • @LaczupakabraPL All drives will be different, but hopefully this gives people a look at what this type of upgrade takes. The M-28 takes a bootable USB or CD as I recall. That would be okay. I wish I had that option, but since I have multiple computers…this is a good method for me. Have a good one "zup"

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