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We all love amazing cooking skills to watch. If you really love Chinese cooking skills then watch this video. He has some serious fat worker skills. To serve 1000s of customers a day to really need to be have some greatest cooking skills to do it. Asian street food vendors are very well known for it because they have to serve 1000s of people each day. Indian Recipes Website.


40 Replies to “Street Food Cooking Fatafat | Amazing Chinese Wok Skills”

  1. La manipulación de los alimentos es pésima ya entiendo el por qué tantas enfermedades extrañas en esos países asiáticos

  2. These dudes cookung with fire all over their face and am freaking when fire over sparks when turning on stove

  3. So many ignorant yanks chiming in with their opinions as to what real food is. Take a look at yourselves, most y'all are fat.

  4. I don't know why people complaining about hygiene..I know it's important..
    Be praised to Allah or God that you are not much poor and no need to cook at stalls/shops..Just place yourself to that person who has to complete orders without any kind of rest!! Please think about it my friends..❤️🙂

  5. This is Ratri Bazaar in Baroda I’ve been here many times, the Chinese manchturan noodles, are really good.

  6. Cepet sih cepet… Tp di video 2 tangan kanan kiri ambil bumbu ,, saran aja hati2 bekas kunyit ikut kena masak

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