Taff Play's – Professional Farmer 2014 – #15 -We need more money!

Hi all,

Lets have a first look at the new UIG farming game Professional Farmer 2014!.
In this episode I’ll be heading over to work on the three new fields we purchased last time out.




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The PC simulation “The farmer 2014” takes the player to the country and opened hobby growers before home PC countless ways. Yard management, field order, cereal cultivation and livestock farming and buying and selling of goods are just some of the important game elements that holds this simulation!

Starting on a small property starts the player his career as an aspiring farmer and worked out piece by piece new fields, tractors, machines and animals and has the opportunity to specialize in an area, or to use the full potential of agriculture. Good, the seasons customized planning, subject-specific knowledge that one appropriates the course of the game and skill and hard work are the keys to success. The player learns to live as a farmer with the forces of nature to accept the weather conditions and react optimally to increase the yield of the fields to feed the animals and to prepare the financial budget for new investments. To cope with all the tasks, there are numerous original and tractors – agricultural machinery (combines, forage harvesters, attachments and trailers) well-known manufacturers for the management of the farm are available. Only through good planning and a lot of effort will the country flower. Of course, all machines can be self-controlled and operated by hand. Whether it is the coupling of the plough, refuelling the tractor or the unloading of harvest.

Depending on the environment and air ratio on the map provides “The farmer” numerous plant species, which allow the farmers the soil varied, to be managed effectively and profitably. Even the crop rotation plays a crucial role in the planning! The integrated seasons also affect the game and provide the player at any time varied tasks and assignments.

The local farmers market is the starting point to success! After a short time we should dare with the self-created and harvested goods to market and earn money with the first own goods from our own production. The more you sell, the more and more machines will soon adorn the fleet and even greater amounts of goods can be produced. Even new buildings and other fields can be acquired gradually.

Are you ready for the country life? Then start with “The Farmer” your career in your own yard!

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  • Its sad to see AgSim series go, not that I was too attached to it, I enjoy watching but to play any farming sim would be too much for my attention span of a gerbil. But deep down I hoped it would go with a bang – flying tractors, rubber grass cutters, hovering combines, that sort of stuff. Maybe time gained could be spent on M&M: Dark Messiah though. ^_^

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