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Taiga Aisaka from the hit Anime Toradora is actually the cringe nae nae baby!! omg!!!!





☆Outro Music:


50 Replies to “TAIGA AISAKA IS CRINGEY?! (Cringe Normies Do Not Watch!!!!!)”

  1. Jokes on you. You featured one of my memes, but it was supposed to be cringey! It was ironic! That makes it non-cringe! Right? Sigh…

    It’s the one with just four pictures of Taiga. I was making fun of 4 panel memes by making it have no surprise.

  2. Toradora was one of my first anime and I still love it.
    It was definitely the first „big one“ with many users on MAL I’ve watched. (Except for this BS called SAO. Lel)

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