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SPOILER ALERT! We discuss the finale and other insights with the winners. Sorry for the lengthy video, but we thought it was a great conversation!

Learn more about Colin and Christie’s journey:

Colin’s Instagram: @colinguinn
Christie’s Instagram: @christiewoods1

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26 Replies to “Team Fun's Amazing Race 31 Finale Recap with the Winners”

  1. I couldn't stand them on season 5 but they were my team from day 1 on this race eventhough i was glad they lost last time they should have won and i like old school teams. I knew they would comeback in London but i was more nervous with the drums! Gotta give it to christie for keeping him calm!

  2. Really great video. Love the discussion. Hoping Team Fun or AFghanimals won but Christe and Colin earned the win. Never giving up and keeping calm in a storm is great to see.

  3. freaked out when i saw your youtube channel. you guys are my favorite and make so happy. i love your positive bubbly personality's. (where can i get my team fun shit and pin?!?!?)

  4. Team Fun is my all time favorite team from TAR. You guys rock every single leg with the best of who you are. I'm so glad I found your channel. Hope you keep posting. Love you guys!!

  5. OMG Becca and Floyd I love you guys sooo much I always try to be like you guys because you guys are so amazing. And I just discovered your YouTube channel. You guys are the best people in the world and it has always been my dream to meet you!!! You guys are good friends good sports and good at the amazing race.#SubscribeLikeAndAdmireForever.

  6. Glad to see Colin & Christie again!
    And the change in them is so positive.
    I have to be honest, I believe there are a number of people who wanted to see Colin blow up.
    I have to say I did wanted to see him say the ox is broken to have a bit of a laugh.
    But he didn’t, which is great!

  7. The fact Team Fun bonded with Colin and Christie was my sign that that couple had truly changed their ways from what we saw in Season 5.

  8. 31:59 Colin still uses a console tv channel dial and not a remote! 🙂 This was great to watch. Thank you.

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