Testing the speed of two Kingston SA400S37 480GB SSDs

In this video I am showing the data copying speeds that I managed to get from a pair of Kingston A400 SA400S37 480GB SSDs, when they were set up as RAID 0. I ended up doing this video because I at first though that there was a problem with them, when it seemed as if the data copy speeds to them was slow. In the end it turned out that there was nothing wrong with the SSDs and it must have just been a problem with how I was connecting up the drives.


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  • Just bought the same ssd..poor performance after complete update (both win 7 and 10 clean install) random 3-4 sec freeze..after few days finally received firmware update issues eliminated completely no more pc freeze..but i have a question,crystal disk mark test seems low…4k read sometimes took longer than expected..and diffrent speed w/r with default ahci driver and intel ahci driver…i think my ssd is not performing at full potential…ur opinion pls..

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