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Travel video about destination The Alishan Forest Railway in Taiwan.
Located in the centre of Taiwan is the legendary Alishan Forest Railway that is extremely popular with both railway enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The starting point of the fascinating journey into the rainforests and mountain world of Taiwan is Chiayi.When visiting Chiayi it is a must to visit the authentic marketplace in which there is just about everything. The markets have retained their original charm and whether simple or exotic the food is simply delicious. The Alishan Express has travelled between Chiayi and the mountain station of Chushan, since 1986. The route becomes steeper and steeper as the narrow gauge train travels tentatively into the higher regions and also into changing weather. Luxury is the last thing that can be expected on the Alishan Express as the carriages are extremely basic. The town of Alishan was named after the mountains of the same name and in recent years it has developed into one of the most popular tourist destinations in Taiwan. The Giant Trees Trail has become popular with walkers. It leads through an unusual forest that is full of thousands of years old trees, the “Trees Of Three Generations“, ancient trees that have developed in a fascinating way. The first sunbeams mark the next day in the mountains when the legendary Alishan Forest Railway will bring with it new visitors who will experience the unique and wonderful mountain world of Alishan.

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14 Replies to “The Alishan Forest Railway Vacation Travel Video Guide”

  1. Went there on summer vacation and it disappointed me cause it was pulled by what this video calls a "Steam Engine" but its really a Diesel Locomotive btw if that was a steam engine it would have SL instead of DL

  2. Best time to visit A-li-san, Cha-yi. December-
    Taiwaness as me like to visit Al li san by train to mountains suround by many unknown mountains. Its best way to visit mystery mountains. Tourists from China or japan they like to take the chu-chu-train to feel breezy winds, fog along way. please aviod peak season july to august are too hot, you shoud go beach. Jan. to Feb., Chinese lunar Year holidays cause it full with local people and tourists line up catch chu chu train several years. Its on their must see list in life. Dont blame them.

    The best time to visit is New year's Eve , December 31, stay one night at local hotel near half way mountain, and wake up 4/5 AM next eraly morning take car to see first sunrise from east mountain peak.
    It depends, if u r lucky, you'll see the sun say "good morning" n hv a nice smoothy year as a good luck. Take a down jacket cause its cold during winter.

    Traffic to visit mountains, cars or walking –
    local hotel they hv shuttle bus including with local breakfast-meal, 2000 – 2500 nt/per person for reference ( years ago), maybe they hv updated price, still its cheap to back packers. Dont walking alone
    YCAUSE YOULL GET LOST in mountains, and monkeys
    WL rob your foods..dont fed them.

    The A-li-san famous with Hi-no-ki trees planted on mountains for over one centary, if japaness didnt chope down too many shipped to their empire, we could hv leftover a lots. Well, they choped but they planted. Cherry flowers are famous in feb. but crowed with Chinese, dont go there, avoid traffic jam.

    I forgot small hotel name last time i stay . Its easy to access on internet. Its better way to hv friends here to show you around n share beautiful view. we drove from Taichung n arrived at mid night. After taking a snap, hotel's guide drove car take us to see first sun light. It wasnt lucky cause it took a while to see shinng light hidden behind cloud.

    We moved to next spot to see landmark on mountain road, two trees name husband n wife.

    The most see hi-no-ki trees stand still there alive.
    Taking a deep breath and cool down in heart. I wonder how those local people can live peace in small town. Althought fog mystery suround mountains moisturizing tea tree year after year and gift to alisan.

    Ater mountain tour, you can eat bamboo lunch box at a spot name "foun-chi-hoo". Its famous for decade.
    Well its not so bad there depends who u are travel with. There are famous stree foods, the best toufus are in taipei night market. There still different flavor in each vendor.

    Hope you enjoy every spot u visit taiwan. There are lots of place to visit n taiwan. Night market in taipei-must eat it in your life. any question ?

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