The Amazing Race 31 WINNERS!

KVPDKVDKVDKPDBKPDBBPID I’m so happy, probably my favorite reality tv winners ever. My favorite tar team actually won, and it’s kinda surreal to see because I’ve loved them since I watched them on season five. Their redemption ark from that season was incredible. Colin, in season five, was the last person you’d ever expect to be talking about meditating and stuff on another season. Loved them, this cast and season, cant wait for tar 32.

The Winners of The Amazing Race 31

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  • Loved this finale, the placement order was never certain in either leg and it was just great. Please consider subscribing for more survivor and tar videos, and maybe drop a like if you enjoyed, it helps this channel a lot. Thanks for watching!

  • Every Amazing Race fan should really watch season 5. You'd grow to appreciate these two. I really hated them back then but now I was rooting for them the whole season and so happy they won.

  • they showed actual growth from their original season and were absolutely delightful all the way through this one….i was def rooting for them <3

  • Im happy and I lovee they won…. but I just like the final challenge to be about memory and about the race and not building a drum set… that was disappointing.

  • Just like how on Bewiched I like the guy who played new Daren more than the guy who played old Daren, I like the guy who played new Colin more than the one who played old Colin.

  • Satisfied with the winners but the leg itself was disappointing. Didn’t even have a recap challenge this season which makes things a lot less intense

  • Was so happy for this win ! The best and only likeable team won ! So happy that the heterophobes and disgusting couple tylerncory didnt win !

  • I miss seasons where the winners actually jumped for joy when winning. Nowadays it’s just mild and subtle “congrats bro” vibe

  • I was happy with the Top 2, but I'm still waiting for the day when Phil can convince Charla and Mirna to come back.
    "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! Twenty dollars to eat food, I give you. I don't eat tomorrow! Muchas gracias, amigo. God help you!"

  • My top 3 was right but i really thought Tyler and Korey was going to win but Collin and Christie feels fine to me.

  • deserved winners imo & my other predicted team came in 2nd
    both did gave a neck to neck fight til the end

    anw I would have like for team victor to win as well but sadly not to be as they were eliminated in the previous leg

  • I was hoping for T&K to win but I'm also happy for Colin and Christie. Now I have something to look forward too. I'm pretty sure T&K will be back for an all star! Imagine them going from 3rd for their first season to second this season then finishing 1st in an all star season. That would be fantastic.

  • Colin and Christie have a great story but to just be handed the million makes me sad/mad for the other 10 teams that actually tried. I also saw from leg 1 they were gonna win so it was predictable And if they can come back why can't charla and mirna or kynt and vixsin or other old teams we actually loved come back .Omg another second chance season would be nice . Anyways Overall I give this season a 6.8/10

  • Tbh I hated Colin in Season 5 because how much of an annoying prick he was.
    And Christie was just there.

    Here they BOTH improved. Hell Colin even made a group therapy yoga session with everyone during the train drama. Yes Colin FUCKING GUINN TRIED TO CREATE PEACE AMONG ONE ANOTHER!

  • I wonder how long the rest of the finished teams had to wait for Leo and Jamal (Afghanimals) in that pit stop. Im thinking 6 hours maybe.

  • Eliza's action was appalling no sportsmanship but I guess being a lawyer in Boston will harder anyone. I would not want to be client of theirs, say or do something wrong WATCH OUT!!!. Leo and Jamal are good smart rracers and will try anything to get ahead, duh for a million dollars. I would think that the Big Brother and Survivor teams be use because isn't that what they do on those shows also. I think I they were upset is because someone beat at there game and it was a unbelievable a Amazing Race team. If Leo & Jamal did whatever they did somewhere down the way someone else would have done the same thing. SO CHILL

  • Although I loved how likable Colin a Christie were this time around, somehow I missed the dysfunctional Colin and Christie from TAR 5, their arguments at that season despite their winning strikes definitely made them one of the most emblematic teams from this show. Anyway, I am really happy that they have won this time, they deserved it.

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