The Amazing Race Season 29 Episodes 9 & 10 Review w/ Scott Flanary | AfterBuzz TV

Hosts discuss The Amazing Race for the episodes “I Thought We Were Playing It Nice” & “Riding a Bike is Like Riding a Bike,” with special guests Scott Flanary!
AFTERBUZZ TV — The Amazing Race edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s The Amazing Race. In this episode, hosts Nataly Tavidian and Desola Balogun discuss episodes 9 and 10 with Scott Flanary!

The Amazing Race is an American reality competition show in which typically eleven teams of two race around the world. The race is split into roughly twelve legs interspersed with physical and mental challenges, and require teams to deduce clues, navigate themselves in foreign areas, interact with locals, perform physical and mental challenges, and vie for airplane, boat, taxi, and other public transportation options on a limited budget provided by the show. Teams are progressively eliminated at the end of most legs; with the final leg’s grand prize of US$1 million. As the original version of the Amazing Race franchise, the CBS program has been running since 2001. It is currently airing its 28th season which premiered on February 12, 2016, and has been renewed for at least one more season in 2016-17. Numerous international versions have been developed following the same core structure, while the U.S. version is also broadcast to several other markets.

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With over 20 million weekly downloads from over 150 countries, AfterBuzz TV is an online broadcast network created by E! host Maria Menounos and producer Keven Undergaro. Nicknamed the ‘after-show’ network, when viewers finish watching episodes of their favorite shows, they can go to to watch or listen to a post-game ‘after-show’ for that series. On each AfterBuzz TV after-show an eclectic and knowledgeable mix of celebrities, personalities and industry professionals break down that night’s episode, take calls from fans and interview guests. The network produces over 60 after-shows per week. The network also produces “Spotlight On”, an in depth, long-form interview series with stars and show runners. AfterBuzz TV had guests from shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Glee, The Walking Dead, Homeland, Big Brother, Survivor, The Fosters, The Bachelor, Teen Wolf, Orange Is The New Black. Notable celebs include Stone Cold, Weird Al, Mel B, Seth Green and others.


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  • And fyi those are actually some older school buttons, VINTAGE! We have made some updates since that version, but handmade by Escott is a pretty especial!

  • Well said Escott! If you don't like what you see there is no reason to reach out to people to spray negativity. Everyone on this show is human and are all working to become better people through this experience. Just because some people don't show their best selves within the high stress context of the show, the cast is full of good-hearted, wonderful people.

  • If Scott's on, I'll skip. I think he's a tired scheming queen and Brooke is a high-strung banshee. I really don't want them to win. A tip to any future AR contestants. Use the U-Turn strategically; not to play up to the TV audience and show how woo-ha-ha-ha you are. Redmond and Matt should've been U-turned because they are the MOST competitive team in that race. How many legs have they won vs. how many legs Mike and Liz have won. Anyone. Anyone. Bueller. Bueller. Depending on who's the final 3, I may have to do what I've done other finales; keep my hand close to the remote so I can immediately switch channels depending on who appears to be crossing the finish line first. Just keeping it real.

  • That really was a brutal couple of episodes, weather wise. It reminds me of that episode of "Survivor Khao Rong" where Caleb was medivaced and Debbie and Cydney were both taken down as well. Team Fun did handle everything with class, though. Sad to see them leave.

    And how fun to have Scott and Joey back on After Buzz!

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