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Can you defeat Spider-Man’s deadliest foes? Peter Parker is back in an all-new open world adventure! Available now for PS4 & PS3:

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40 Replies to “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Launch Trailer”

  1. Pourquoi il est aussi cher ? Pourquoi il est aussi rare aussi c'est abuser sur le playstation store il y est pas il a été enlever depuit longtemps mais pourquoi il même pas fait une année jcroit mdr 😂 mais pourtant il est bien mais j comprend pas pk il est aussi cher(ps4)

  2. I'm buying this game when I buy the PS4 because after the events of "The Amazing Spider-man 2", I always wondered to myself: "What happened after Peter's fight with Rhino? Will they make a third amazing spider-man movie?" But they didn't. So I know I'm late, but I'm guessing this game will take place after the events of the second movie? If it does, I'll happily play it.👍

  3. So sad how this game turned out the way it did had so much potential if they spent more time on it like polishing it graphics better storyline more suits this game would have turned out to be a huge comeback of 2014 top tending games so sad they left it unfinished

  4. this was so "un-woke" compared to the new spider-man, the women are wearing low-cut tops! Also he recuses a woman from the ground at 0:25 thanks sjw for ruining games

  5. This game is awesome the boss fights are cool adding carnage in game was so amazing this game is better Spiderman 2 video game in my and this game is my second favorite spider man while Spider-Man ps4 is my second favorite and i thought the movie was awesome and Andrew are a is then toby in my opinion still one of the best movie and video game ever in my opinion

  6. The amazing Spiderman game: we made the best Spiderman game ever. Spiderman PS4: i’m gonna put some dirt in your eye

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