The Amazing Thing About Chestnut Seedlings

Let me explain why I start chestnut seedlings. I think chestnut trees are one of the most important trees that you can add to your land and I think it is a shame that the American chestnut tree was decimated in the 20th century. This video is my how to guide for starting chestnut seedlings from cold stratified chestnuts.

About Gold Shaw Farm: Gold Shaw Farm is more of a farm-in-progress than an honest-to-goodness farm. Our dream is that someday we are able to transform our 150+ acre parcel of land into a regenerative and productive homestead and farm.

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  • My Dad Had five BIG chestnuts in the front yard growing up,, We'd collect em up and eat the crap out of em in the fall ,, BUT YOU DO NOT want to mow over the savage , prickly , sticking husk and the run outside the next spring bare Footed as a kid ! Man I've hit the ground like I was shot ,, with a piece of Husk stuck in my foot ! But now at 57 years old , I'm digging up the volunteers from my neighbors ditch that has sprouted up to about 4 ft, and planting them in a clear cut parcel I deer hunt at ,,But for sure gonna try you method , Deer Love em and deer hunters will pay top dollar for them as bait and conservation .

  • Hello there. Im fouad from moroco i have seen your video about chestnut. I think its great what you are doing. I wish you all the best.😊😊 salam

  • Hey Morgan, I've read that real American Chestnuts are rare as in almost non-existent in New England. How were you able to verify that the donor trees were American chestnuts?

  • I have Chestnut trees growing near my house. I absolutly hate the smell when they bloom. Smells like 10k guys nutted on my yard.

  • wouldn't it be easier and safer to the seedling to gently spread dump the nuts on the ground and pick through the sand? Just a suggestion. Oh, also I'm jealous of your lifestyle, ha ha. good and funny videos keep it up. From Buffalo, NY, the Miami of the North

  • I never knew that chestnuts were as common as apples once! I grew up my whole life without ever seeing a chestnut before. I always heard the "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire" Christmas song and wondered "where are these chestnuts?!" I never knew there was a blight! That's so sad! :C

    Whenever I'm able to move out of the city I'll definitely plant some chestnut trees in my yard! I don't plan on having an entire farm, but a nice cottage with a garden and a few apple trees was the dream. I'll add a few chestnut trees to the list now! 😀

  • I have about 30 good chestnuts, I’m not certain of how to store them until Spring.
    I thought about putting them in the refrigerator in a quart sized freezer bag simulating winter. I need some proven direction. Don’t want to loose them.
    Can you help?

  • Sam O'Neal made a video on plant diseases and mentioned the chestnut blight. He isn't kid friendly, so parents don't let your kids watch. But he is very educational and has a bit of a dark sense of humor.

  • If you're interested in growing chestnuts, I recommend checking out @BuildSoil on Twitter. He talks about how useful they are as carbon sinks, sources of firewood (coppiced), and as a source of carbohydrates. He talks about how to prepare them and eat them! They're really versatile and can be made into porridge, flour, bread, pasta … And you only need two or so trees to produce enough chestnuts to fulfill the carbohydrate needs of an adult! A great resource for anyone interested in mitigating climate change, improving the soil, or producing (at least some of) their own food and fuel!
    As far as I know scientists are still working on the American chestnut and its susceptibility to blight… European varieties such as Castanea sativa are resistant and can be planted and eaten just as well.

  • Are you willing to swap seedlings? I’d like to have a diverse selection on our property, and bringing one or two from someone else (not tree farm) is bound to make for better trees

  • Only thing I would mention is that for the Chestnut tree and many other nut trees. They do the best in the long run, if its original taproot is not damaged (as you mentioned) or deformed by pot planting . In good soil various nut trees go down several feet in the first two years. I've had Black Walnuts go down 3 ft in the first year. The speed at which these naturally seeded trees grow is far great than re-potted stock. I convinced a new property owner to do a trial, it took four years for an in-situ seeded Walnut to catch a nursery tree which was 6 ft when purchased bare root. A couple of years later it towers over the other, and while it didn't produce quite as quickly. Now the mast year the owners had this last year was noticeably different. Incredible farm you have there.

  • I do not have a farm or a homestead but I'll still try to grow some chestnuts and hope to finde a planting spot once they're big enougth

  • what is the best way to start some chestnut trees while living in an apartment? I really want to plant some around my neighborhood and give some to my friends so they can plant them in their backyards as well. I really love this tree, but over here in the Netherlands, not a lot of people know about them. does anyone have any tips?

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