The Cheapest BUT the Best Hotel in Sapa, Vietnam


Sapa Panorama Hotel (Khách Sạn Toàn Cảnh Sapa) is a new and highly popular hotel in Sapa Vietnam, It is ideally situated in the peaceful centre area of Sapa, just below the famous Victoria Sapa Hotel and 100 meters from Sapa Church. It offers fabulous views of both Sapa town and the spectacular nearby Fansipan mountain range.
The location allows you to easily explore and enjoy the fascinating small town of Sapa, while at the same time soak up and immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of the local minority people and their traditions. It is also the perfect base for the many amazing treks available in the area.

The hotel is excellent value for money with all the comforts and services of an international standard hotel, including 35 king size double, twin, triple and VIP rooms. It has already become renowned for its deluxe Vietnamese breakfast buffet and along with the hotels’ Cau May Restaurant , which offers authentic Vietnamese and European lunches and an A la carte menu for dinner, guests can be assured of great meals in a wonderful environment. For those guests seeking just to relax or meet with friends there is the Panoramic Café ; which a-joins the restaurant..

Sapa Panorama Hotel was designed and built by its General Manager, who has a strong passion for offering the best of hospitality. He has years of experience in the industry, both in Vietnam and in Europe, and has brought on board amazing staff who are all widely trained and experienced in all aspects of the hotel. The results? Sapa Panorama hotel will offer you not only the comforts of a wonderful hotel in a great location but also a chance to experience the warmth, friendship and efficiency of a hotel with staff ready to help you with any of your daily requests or requirements. All this equals a wonderful holiday with great memories. Sapa Panorama Hotel General Manager and the Team are looking forward to welcoming you!

Panorama Hotel & Travel also run by Sapa Pathfinder Travel, we design and operate personalised Sapa Tour Package and the surrounding area such as Bac Ha, Mu Cang Chai, Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Hoa Binh, Ninh Binh, Ha Noi, Ha Long, Cao Bang, Ha Giang… for the independent travelers from throughout the world. We have strong, established relationships with all cooperators of the destinations that we operate. We are one of the best agencies in Sapa to have skilled adventure travel specialists, designing tailor-made adventures for individual and corporate clients. The quality of our adventure programs is assured. All our adventure guides work directly for us and all equipment belongs to Sapa Pathfinder Travel. We organise the best home stay tours in Sapa to visit the remote hill tribe villages.

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