THE PLATFORM Ending Explained!

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  • Cool! But did you see the speed that platform was ascending? To come to a stop that quickly … well, how to put that… Newton has some bad news for the ceiling cleaner on the 0th floor.

  • I believe that there is really no one to receive a message on the 0 floor level. There are only cooks who supply enough food on a daily basis. The problem is how people share food. It's easy to blame a leader or a system but this does not exist, is the attitude of each one what counts. The quest to send a message to level zero is like Don Quixote's fight, noble but imaginary. The girl is part of his imagination, since it would be impossible to have survived unharmed and without a scratch. I like that the movie not only criticizes capitalism but also communism because it is only sustained by force. The movie proves that there is no possible system that is fair but that the solution is to change yourself and everyone would do it as well. If we were all generous with each other, the world's problems would end and the political system would not matter. Something simple but impossible by our nature.

  • Tbh my whole train of thought was this..

    even if they did make it to the bottom level and ascended to the top to level 0.. the speed of the lift traveling upwards and then stopping rapidly just fling the child to the roof of level 0 killing her instantly?

    Like I get it that's not what the movie was about but still. Great movie btw I'm still shook by what I just witnessed here

  • I figured the real ending was the spped of the platform moving up then suddenly holting to a stop would've launched the girl into the ceiling exploding her 😂

  • I think the movie is about the need to set clear rules and policies to regulate people's behaviour. Masses need direction otherwise chaos just takes over.
    If they sent 666 plates of food with the clear understanding that there were 666 people that needed to eat. Would a plate make it to floor 333.

  • So. Here is my conclusion. The levels are the capitalist society. The would be enough food for every one but people on the top are to eager to take everyting what they can and The people above are busy to stay alive so solidarity won't ever happen. The darknes underneath is the death. You can't possibly have anyting worst than death nyt ofcourse If you are dead you don't need to compete on the system and you are free from it. The upper levels are obviously the richer class on society. The child is on the last level BUT she is happy and unharmed because she is not manipulated by the system like adults. She doesn't know any better. The woman that goes down there to help her are the few people that tries to help the poorer part of society. The platform moves amazingly fast speed because you can't never go up without a help from up. The level 0 is god. He desides everyting. When you wake up every month from a different level the "god" has planed than. If you are on level 3 and you would like to get to The level 2, you would need help from a higher level than you. When The child goes up and reaches the level 0, she breaks the system.

  • It is a mistake to believe movie makers have 1. intelligence 2. education in economics 3. act in good faith …
    There are like 20 MAJOR flaws ; protagonist could have simply chilled 30 days, got out, stopped it from outside .. duh
    Movie rating 1/10, throw in gore, 33s, 666s, capitalism bad, forget science/physics, secret levels, people greedy, we are all same blah blah …

  • If you are into numerology
    333 It means that your angels are just nearby, ready to help and reassure you that your plans are going well. It sends the message that your prayers have been answered, and seeing 333 means that whatever you requested for is on its way to you.

    The message was the child because our future is our children what we feed them they will preach and teach. If you feed the child the pana cotta they will understand love and also how big an act of kindness is and will life their lives for a better future in our society.

  • Capitalism isn't bad. Socialism is.
    No this movie doesn't perfectly represent our societies today. You're(the commentors) seeing what you want to see and trying to force a square into a circle shaped hole. Far too many prissy, pretentious people on these comments.

    These people Litterally do not even work for the food, they're given it, others work to provide the food for them but there's not enough to go around. The prisoners could affect change, by working( together ) bu they don't. I've come across a lot of socialist and they're very self serving types and don't think of community or the good of the group but love to preach about it. Many political figures who sell socialism have mansions and millions but never give any of their money to help out.

    So perhaps the movie is about those claiming welfare/benfits unfairly, or about socialists, who want something for nothing but aren't willing to do enough to help their peers and lesser, they demand it from those who do achieve and work. excuses are made for why they can't make it. And blame the people above instead of themselves, acting like they're not responsible for their own actions.
    If not enough people get off and pull the wagon then the wagon goes nowhere.

    Final note. The characters have their own ideas of what it's all about, just as we're doing now about this movie.

  • Just the words "Corona virus" just get bleeped out from the beginning sentence? I swear it was there yesterday!

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