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In fewer than two decades, the Spider-Man franchise has already amassed a history of stops and restarts. But the most surprising were the sudden cancellations of Amazing Spider-Man 3 and the spin-offs planned to follow. It was confusing and strange, but there’s an interesting story behind why the sequel to a successful movie got tossed in the garbage.

The planned sequels | 0:24
Spider-canned | 0:56
Andrew Garfield got fired | 1:20
The Sony hacks | 1:55
Marvel and Sony’s deal | 2:19

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49 Replies to “The Real Reason Amazing Spider-Man 3 Didn't Happen”

  1. So this is the reason i don’t understand the amazing spiderman 2 ending i mean they ended it with spiderman hitting the rhino and nothing else 😭

  2. Aww man =( I loved the series I even downloaded both ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ movies on Netflix 😭 ❤️🕷🕸💙

  3. It's understandable that his feelings got hurt and it's professionalism but maybe he cared more about himself what ran through his mind is oh ok I accomplished this but it's a drag that I it was a long plane ride Garfield is just impatient while Holland loves spiderman and for his whole life he loved spiderman and always wanted to be the actor so in my opinion I think gar is just an old fart

  4. i think andrew will be coming back 1 because venom is in the same universe as garfield and 2 the amazing spiderman keeps coming up on people recommended bar even ppl who dont like spiderman why would youtube to that if there wasnt gonna be the return of garfield so maybe hell be coming back idk

  5. I would have even appreciated just spider Gwen so firing Andrew Garfield to me wasn't really that much of a setback. How great would it have been to have spider Gwen be the main character

  6. i got SO MAD when they canceled both the 3rd and 4th Movies. i legit wrote an E-mail to Andrew Garfield telling him that i really felt sorry form him, he was in fact devestated and really sad when he got fired for the most STUPID reason i have EVER heard!

    Movie dev: *where's Andrew? he was supposed to be here by now!:
    Movie dev 2: i dont know. he said he was (phone vibrates) hold on a sec
    Movie dev: who is it?
    Movie dev 2: it's Andrew. he said he won't come fo the Gala
    Movie dev: fired?
    Movie dev 2: (approving nod) fired.
    ^^^^^^^^ that's legit what i wrote to him. the story ^^^^^^^^

    when he did read my E-Mail he responded surprisingly quick.

    he wrote this. (i'll copy paste the E-Mail Down below. NO PRIVATE INFO WILL BE GIVEN AND BY ANY MEANS BE WRITTEN ANYWHERE ELSE!)

    Andrew Garfield: HEY! thank you for the Nice mail. it's Nice and all, but i don't really like it when People i don't know IRL mails me. but i will say however, that little stoy/joke you wrote was spot on! i personally won't try to change they're minds, but i still think of it as a silly excuse to boot me from the Movie set. anyway thanks for the Nice Words my man. i appreciate it. 🙂 but seriously tho, don't email me again ok? not trying to be rude. just trying to be a bit carefull. you never know who could be sitting on the other end and what they could be doing you know? but anyway, have a Nice day onward. 🙂

    i am still in shock that he even saw it. you know how it can be for those celebreties, allways someone stalking them or being outright rude. but the fact that he even responded made me see him in a really good light. he shows respect to another person as long as that other person is giving respect back and not being an ass-hat.

    i REALLY hope we might see him again on the big-screen. and even better would be if he was on the big-screen With the Spider-Man suit 😉

    Have a fantastic day/evening/night/morning 😀

  7. i had one thought they can bring tasm by introducing alternative dimensions tasm joins avengers movie and after that there is shit ton of things to do for both avengers films and tasm films

  8. the only reason is emma and andrew , its just the hope,where somehow they manage the skript and bring back her ,it was very disturbing for me ,
    the way she feels the way they commits to each other is was on different level of emotions , connection between them is one of the best thing i had ever feeled in any movie, i am to much into this movie,i cried for the first time and whenever i watch it i can't control myself, so i too want an hope as well as the TASM series fans for bringing back emma as gwen and bring again those feelings

  9. Even though Tom is my favorite Spider-Man, I still really wish we got at least The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to at least kinda just wrap up Andrew Garfield’s time as Spider-Man, it still feels just incomplete and unfinished :/

  10. Ok the Spider-Gwen part, no
    I’d take the black suit thank you but a Impor- cough USELESS character revived. No, and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Sony regrettably fires Andrew after seeing his other works, Andrew is AN AMAZING actor so say what you will but I think Andrew will always be the best in my eyes.

  11. If they did a third part I would have loved it to be a continuity with Venom(2018), setting up Maximum Carnage. But I would rather have the venom sequel to have Andrew Garfields’s spider-man even if it’s just for 45 minutes and they can both fight Carnage.

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