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  1. This vlog triggers my anxiety with the height of the room from ground level, the bustle of the city itself, the view of concrete upon concrete, and the extreme gaudiness of the hotel which is enough to start a migraine! Other than that, great! 🤪

  2. Without this YouTube and this channel i will never know this kind of hotel is existing 😱 thank you sir for sharing this wonderful place and sorry for my bad English 😅

  3. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Just WOW!! Very much a modern day palace. Loved the blue marble, staircases, ceilings, the pool, the glass fish sculptures in the Cafe Cardinal…. the rooms. Quite the experience, I'm sure!

  4. 🤣 I have seen the future of luxury and it looks like a post-nuclear Vegas in 1973 three days after Elvis had thrown up on it and no one in housekeeping had noticed.  

    This premises is an comprehensive abomination but it is also hilarious and jesus only knows we need the laughs these days. Thanks for the vids, they are superlative.

  5. The design in that hotel is so gorgeous. It reminds me of the 1930s when there was such attention to beauty. Thank you.

  6. The grandeur and opulent of this hotel made it look vulgar and repugnant… side was looking at the hotel from the outside during the night.

  7. I would visit 22 Gia Long Street where the famous roof top evacuation happened and the American War Crimes Museum if I were in Saigon.

  8. Is huge and beautiful as a mansion 5 star as you say however no one around except staffs ?
    Must be very dear no wonder.

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