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Playing with Ali:

Music used:

Run – Ross Bugden:


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48 Replies to “The Tactical Duo! – CoD: Warzone Battle Royale Gameplay”

  1. I thought Rich said 90 GB and i almost fainted. Then i realized he said 19 GB then i got so relived

  2. My mind this morning:
    Rich or shroud?
    Rich or shroud?
    Rich or shroud?
    Rich or shroud? knew which one I chose.

  3. Why there is no option for change FOV. They are stupid? Why not on console? I will not play this with trash cam like this. Its horrible.

  4. am i the only one who got frustrated watching this. Like dude, the storm is closing. Forget the enemies just get to the circle and catch them as they're coming in. "We can survive long in the storm" he says as he proceeds to sit still while it closes. I love ya rich but oh my gooood it was making me anxious

  5. Hello iTemp, seems like there is a aim acceleration in this game play. Is that so? where is the setting to turn it on or off? Thank you thank you thank you

  6. Rich bro I watch your videos literally everyday but this game I LOVE IT!!! Please upload this and apex these are my two favorites

  7. I dont know what to think about this game. It s still so call of duty-ish… Nice to see you re having a good time and everyone needs some variety, but please dont forget about the apex content that so many of us are enjoying!

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