The ULTIMATE Guide to ADOBE ANIMATE CC! (AKA Flash) – Tutorial

Jazza’s Animation Foundation:

Tutorial Topics and Linked Videos:


PART 1 – 05:19
Opening, Workspaces and Set-up
Old Flash Overview:
Project Set-up Tutorial:

PART 2 – 14:26
Tools and Properties
The Bonme Tool:

PART 3 – 42:38
Drawing and Coloring
How to Color in Flash:

PART 4 – 54:04
The Timeline and its Utilities

PART 5 – 1:04:38
Animation Basics
How Flash Symbols Work:
Advanced Flash Animation Made Simple:
How to Aniamte a Transformation:
Shape Tween Tutorial:
Bouncing Ball tutorial (guides):

PART 6 – 1:26:19
Filters and Effects
Animating Fire:

PART 7 – 1:32:09
Sound in Flash:

PART 8 – 1:37:40
Publishing your Project

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  • I have seen it full… And it feels like i have just seen the tip of the mountain… Rest is below the sea

  • As someone who found you and has watched nearly all your recent content, this is my first dude, you are so serious….and are a FANTASTIC teacher. Well done, sir.

  • Thank you sooo much! I wanted to start animating and after 2 days watching your video and doing what you say and experimenting I already am able to do simple yet quite nice animations 😀 Thank you for the video.

  • 1:13:25 after trying for years to make a realistic stickman animation and failed I admit all I want from the animator part of my brain is to make this one

  • I'm taking an Animate Fundamentals class in college and my professor had my class and I watch this video for homework to introduce us to Animate CC. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video! I took lots of notes. Being a complete beginner, I feel that you explained everything very well and so extensively that I'm not so worried about my class now. Thank you so much!

  • Thank you Jazza you are a really big help!! I am starting my own channel about animation and you have been really helpful with a lot of things!! (: <3

  • 'H' in colors stands for Hue, 'S' for Saturation and 'B' for Brightness…. I really found this video to be very useful and interesting. Thank you so much 🙂

  • Im trying so hard to figure out how to animate but apon trying to learn with the video: my pencil tool draws a line as it should, but when i lift my stylist the line becomes slanted in some parts as if i have a special brush on. My paint brush tool wont allow me to mess with any of the "fill and stroke" options- and again the lines come out as some tilted brush that skipps about.

    im sorry if it's hard to understand my problem im just trying to figure out what im doing wrong

  • Wow, God bless you dude, this has been so helpful for me. I've just switched over from CorelDraw to using Adobe, so the pace was perfect to get me suited to the Adobe space and tools as well as the program itself. I'm writing this 4 years after you uploaded, but it has been instrumental in helping me get started. Now, onto all the great videos you referred to in this tutorial!

  • Thanks for the tutorial and the time you spent to make this great video. It was very helpful for me. All the best.

  • When I copy and paste it moves to a completed different spot than where I want it/ where it was originally placed, and then I have to readjust it and it’s obnoxious

  • I studied with Steve Rothblat at SMC/CMD short for center for media and design in santa monica. I really find this tutorial helpful in reviewing what we did in Animate ( formerly flash) in 2019 but there are a few keyboard short cuts here that we missed and such. Thanks for the wonderful lessons. I want to add a guy in a metallica t shirt sitting on a box drum to add to a street performers live show which I video taped while he was busking in santa monica. Thanks , I think this video will help. Are there any others that you think might help me do that character ?

  • I have a question to the viewers here (not the OP as he doesn't know squat). In ANIMATE CC you cant TEST MOVIE while your offline is it ? I was ending up with blank previews only to find that if i switched on internet it would show the TEST MOVIE.

  • @8:17 it proves you don't know shit about the program or your probably the worst person a beginner could learn from. You teaching people how to change the workspace by going into the plethora of Menus while there's actually a switch workspace button dedicated at the top right of the interface itself, which doesn't need going thru the 3 step menu. On click on that gets you the WORKSPACE you want. Yet you teach a workaround for something so simple. Your guiding beginners ? far from it your confusing us more. Im a beginner, more of an expert in FLASH CS, but migrating and ill be damned to learn from you. You guys just want do do something to rake up views and earn money from YouTube, that's all. Even if it means misguiding people.
    Its just 3 years ago this video was made and he says its swf thats the most relevant format to render to. LOL. SWF support has been abandoned right from 5 years back and most web browsers wont support flash swf anymore. This blocking started much before 3 years yet he says its the best format to render to @12:50.

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