The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Bridge CC

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  • Nice job. Do have 2 questions. Can you cull like you can in Lightroom; that is, mark a image as rejected, have it not show on the screen, then later actually delete it from disk? 2nd can the work done in Bridge be imported into Lightroom (collections, ratings for images, etc.) for further processing with develop or print modules for instance. Much of Bridge is functionally duplicated in Lightroom and I think the relation between the two programs deserves mention in you (very thorough and informative) video. Thanks

  • I have an honest question for my knowledge. I hear a lot of people talk about Lightroom is trash use bridge, and ACR instead. Everything I see you do in bridge for the most part I can do in lightroom and its all in one place. How is bridge in reality any different than Lightroom. Now it imports a lot faster than lightroom does I will say that, but the overall experience seems like Lightroom is easier and faster

  • Thanks for your video. I've been scanning in old family photos and expect to have around 20,000 when I'm done. I want to put them together so I can give them to family and they can view the photos based on their search criteria (by person, event, etc). Is Bridge the best software to do this? How do I give them the ability to search the photos without having to learn Bridge? Is there a scrapbook app I could use?

  • Thanks for this tutorial! Is there a way to export jpegs from specific artboards in files (in this case illustrator)?

  • Thank you, my friend.
    This is one of or the best explanation about bridge.
    I going to use it, and if I can't fix something I just go back to this video.
    Really, John, you have to be ore become a teacher.
    Great job, my friend.
    Greetings from the Netherlands. Toine

  • Great tutorial. I have a better understanding now as I just started using Bridge. Been using PS for years. Was wondering what Bridge was really used for. Now I know. Thanks!!

  • I have hundreds of folders, 1000's of pictures in each and they have no naming convention. Some are yyyy-mm-dd, some are San Diego vacation, some are grandkids -yyyy, some are ios, and on and on. Can I organize these into a nice layout by date taken using Adobe Bridge? I don't mind spending the time to learn something from tutorials but I want to be sure to learn the right free tool. Advice is always appreciated.

  • Great tutorial, thank you John. How users rate their images is up to them. Stars or colours (spelt properly) I prefer colours as they are quicker and easier to see. A tip that some people may find helpful – the names for the colours can be changed to suit. Edit > Preferences > Labels

  • BEST adobe bridge video out there for beginners! Although not very flashy like some vloggers, the info is spot on. I am guessing most will want to bump up the playback speed, since John is very deliberate and direct. Thanks John!

  • Also the standard code for file naming in photojournalism is : 2 first letters of your family name + first letter of your 1st name, the year, 001 incremental (first assignment start at 002, 001 is your personal projects), 0001 incremental for the pictures, 00001 (!!!) for National Geographic.
    That give me something like BAJ20190010001 = first picture of the first personal project of the year 2019. The date is one of the first thing appearing in metadata, and you don't need to write it in your filename to find any picture by date. It's the best file management system for any photographer in my opinion. It was passed down to me by Dominic Nahr from Time Magazine. You're welcome 🙂

  • I was thinking that Bridge would be a DAM, but it isn't quite. It's more like a super finder. I say this because it appears that if I delete a file off of my hard drive, Bridge has no recollection of its existence. Am I missing something. A DAM would know that I had a certain asset that is now missing. At least the DAM we used to use did that.

  • Your vide is so detailed and good. I had no idea what is bridge used for but now I have an overall idea. Thank you so much John.

  • Hi John
    I have problems with file type associations in Bridge 2019. Every file I try to open, opens in After Effects!
    I uninstalled both Bridge and AE – and reinstalled, but the problem remains. Sound familiar?

  • amazing update on the Bridge 2019 it polished up pretty nice, like the Preview and Metadata in one side , i love that default color, ACR should update lens profile though.

  • I want to apply a style to every image in one of my collections. Can I use bridge to do that automatically for every image and not have to open/edit/save each individual image in photoshop?

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