The Untold Truth Of Idris Elba's Gorgeous Daughter, Isan

This British treasure is one one of the most talented and versatile actors working in film and TV today, and, okay, we’ll say it, one of the most handsome, too. So naturally, his kids are impressive, great-looking humans, too. This is the untold truth of Idris Elba’s gorgeous daughter, Isan.

The role of “Miss Golden Globe” was a part of the annual Golden Globe Awards for years. In 2017, the show’s governing body, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, renamed the position “Golden Globe Ambassador” to open it up to a more diverse field, but kept up the tradition of filling it with the offspring of a very famous performer by giving the role to Sylvester Stallone’s daughters.The Golden Globe Ambassador gets an on-air introduction and hangs out on the stage all night, escorting presenters and winners off the stage and into the wings.

Mere days after movie and TV star Idris Elba was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2018, his then-16-year-old daughter Isan Elba was named the 2019 Golden Globe Ambassador. It was something she was excited to win, but also didn’t know how or why it even happened. As it turns out, her famous father nominated her. She told Variety,

“I had no idea. My dad texted me and I was like, did he text the wrong number? But then Mom explained it all to me.”

Idris must love texting, because he also chose that method of communication on the big day.

Watch the video for more about the untold truth of Idris Elba’s gorgeous daughter, Isan!

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Surprise Golden Globe star | 0:20
A mental health advocate | 1:27
#MeToo allies | 2:43
Future filmmaker? | 3:37
Coronavirus concerns? | 4:39

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