Tomb Raider Chronicles // Commentary // (PS1 HD)

with your Awesome Host’s William & Eugene Morris of

*Creators Comments*
” For those that want insight scoop creation of the video if you weren’t already aware. A lot of effort went into making it. I studied multiple speedruns available at the time and had some fun fooling around in the games trying to imitate some of the cooler glitches or routes i thought would be interesting to show off as long as significant portions of the story of the game could remain in tact for the audience to keep up with the plot. After enough attempts of certain and or more difficult glitches to see if i could pull them off, it was time to begin the recording process.

Being that most of the glitches and tougher jumps are overly risky the quick decision in order to further along the process was to save the game Very often before at key points to ensure that another attempt could be done right away. Because of this, the recordings ATE UP A LOT OF HARDDRIVE Space XD
Once the whole run was finished, it was time to hit the editing room where i recorded all of the in game cut-scenes and put them in the proper places within the game & additionally wrote and added custom subtitles to each character as these old games weren’t always easily understood plot wise .

Then with each stage i edited together all of the best attempts of each glitch or route, one to the next and so on. it was a long process but the result came out awesomely. Because we always have the tendency to play by our own rules. it was obvious we wanted to do commentary over the completed video and jaw jack with each other and joke around and tell stories about our experiences with the series. This is where Gene comes in to also see the final video for the first time after editing has been done, Gene’s seen the practice attempts through out the week but not the all in one video yet, so to him it’s just as fun to see for the first time as it is for the viewer. Once we finish the recording, we sync it up with the video and Render the whole thing out together and then show it off & share it around. The support you guys have given and the stories you’ve shared have been amazing. we thank you for the ongoing love & Lastly we want to apologize to the select few for the misunderstanding about the intentions of our video’s. Despite some decisions made early on that may have been misleading, These video’s have Always and i repeat. *Always* meant to be just for fun viewing for people who had a passion to share with Tomb Raider. Never to be accepted as anything more than that. That being said thank you all once again and we hope you continue to re-watch them.

We made the run as a fun exercise to share with people. We never intended it be taken as a serious speedrun, which is why we put a disclaimer on the Tomb Raider 3 run years ago. We’ve attempted to undo the confusion. We’re glad most of you have learned to appreciate the fun ride and the jawjacking along the way. To anyone with remaining hangups about the video, not sure what can be said. We’ve never meant it to be a serious entry for any speedrun despite the select few grumblers latching onto that idea and not letting go. For years. Maybe one day they will, but we’re glad the rest of you can enjoy it for what it truly is.

We’re Eternally Grateful






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  • Well to your discussion about Hitler craved to find Holy Artefacts: Yes it's true, he was searching for them, especially the Holy Grail like in Indiana Jones,
    he wanted to turn his Nazi-Army invincible with his fascination of the occult

  • I prefer watching you run the game instead of watching something like GDQ or ESA. You guys can talk about whatever you want and you also show cut-scenes so you can also follow the story of the game. You guys' TR runs are great, keep up the good work.

  • Great speed run. I love this game, it was always one of my favourite tomb raiders. I feel as though it is horribly underrated

  • 14:08 smart way to use the ''no'' Lara says when she cannot use something or do something integrated into a cutscene lol

  • Guys here I show you my collection of the tomb raider saga. A very strong greeting from Spain

  • у меня тоже есть PS1, но вот так приседать и телепортироваться в другое место не могу… как это так?

  • Hi am just watching your glitch/speed run of tomb raider 5 chronicles. I loved the speed runs you guys did for tomb raider 1,2, and 3 as well. Loved the old lara vs the oven joke as her butler looks on plus the young lara and old lara talking about natla and marco bartoli thoose jokes had me laughing for ages plus the lara has an alien spaceship and lara watches her stories i always think your lara jokes are really funny. Love your lara speed runs you2 guys are so awesome and so is your youtube channel

  • One thing about the u-boat mission where Lara gets into the suit. With only men in the submarine, that suit looks like it was made specifically for her and not made with any man in mind. 😀

  • Priceless!! Love these series so much guys!! That admiral impression is spot on at 38:49 😂😂😂

  • I've always never been a Trekken game fan but the end of this video of the trailer of "Angel of Darkness" but I've always wanted Lara Croft as character off one of the Trekken era, who knew?

  • If you ask me, having her parents as a motive for Tomb Raiding makes for a more meaty story, but doing it just because she likes doing it and likes shiny things portrays a much more empowering message because with the parental motives you get the impression that underneath it all, she's doing it because she has a chip on her shoulder. She has to do it for closure on her father's work and to find her mother. At least that's how it appears when all the adventures we see her on all relate back to her parents. While when she's doing it because she wants to-to her own familial detriment in fact-it makes her look that much stronger as a person. She did it all herself just for the sake of doing it. Because it's what she loved to do and because it made her feel alive. That's the kind of message that most feminists who judge her don't seem to see.

  • Why Von Cry is so old in the last levels? Like, he's in a wheelchair, and in the The Last Revelation he was just old, not super old.

  • I always felt like the Chronicles timeline went like this:
    ROME – Prior to TR1 – Both Larson and Pierre could be alive at the end of this section.
    SUB – Post TR2 – I only say this because in the cutscene she says "dealt with mafioso before, unpleasant memories" could be a reference to TR2 and Marco Bartolli/Fiamma Nera.
    ISLAND – Obviously prior to TR1 – I'd guess after Cambodia in TR4
    VCI – I'd say as it is more of a modern setting, after T3.
    Ofc this is just a fan theory!

    As always, awesome speedrun and a lot of fun to watch! 😀

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