Tomb Raider: The Lost City [TR1] Game Movie

Tomb Raider: The Lost City [TR1] Game Movie


Tomb Raider is owned by Square Enix All music belongs to its respected owner(s) This is strictly for entertainment A cinematic mix of the events of

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Tomb Raider is owned by Square Enix
All music belongs to its respected owner(s)
This is strictly for entertainment

A cinematic mix of the events of Tomb Raider 1, using footage from TR Anniversary, Legend, and TR1. Cutscenes and Gameplay were edited together in a cinematic fashion that plays out like an actual movie. This one is based on the first Tomb Raider but is mainly comprised of footage from the 2007 remake. The soundtrack for this video was made using themes from TR1, TR2, AOD, and custom songs made by the TR community. Special thanks to thatnorskchick2 for providing the opening metal remix of the Angel of Darkness theme. Extra scenes were added regarding Lara’s mother to help emphasize that plot point. Much of the journey was heavily abridged as to only show the most important parts of the story. There is a lot of meaningless adventure so I took most of it out and left in the major scenes.

I am really happy to put this Game Movie out because Tomb Raider has always occupied a special place in my heart. It is my second favorite gaming franchise behind RE and it took up a large portion of my childhood. Growing up, I think this was the game I played the most. I fell in love with Lara and her adventures which gave so many nostalgic moments. From the incredible soundtrack of the first few games to all the memorable moments that we will remember forever. It was really revolutionary for its time, and it started an amazing genre of gaming that is often imitated but never duplicated. Lara was larger than life and she has ammassed an immense popularity among not only the gaming world, but the whole entertainment industry. Coming out in 1996, TR has the same tenure as Resident Evil and although the series has not excelled like RE has, it is still one of the all time great video games ever. Tomb Raider paved the way for games like Uncharted, but realize one thing: Tomb Raider will perpetually be greater than Uncharted!!! And hey, with the new reboot of Tomb Raider right around the corner, I have a feeling Lara will regain her throne amongst the gaming world yet again.

~ Story ~

In 1996, Larson Conway approaches world famous archealogist and adventurer Lara Croft at a hotel in Calcutta, India. Lara is hired by fellow archealogist Jacqueline Natla to search for a piece of a mythical artifact known as the Scion. Having searched for the scion previously with her father, Lara anxiously accepts the offer. The late Richard Croft dedicated his entire life to uncovering the secrets of the scion, hoping that it would shed some light on the strange disappearance of Lara’s mother in the Himalayas. His research led him to believe that the lost continent of Atlantis is the foundation upon which all known civilizations were built. His values and beliefs instilled into his adventure-thirsty daughter, Lara embarks on a trail to Peru where the undiscovered tomb of Qualopec lays. Unbeknownst to Lara, Natla has her own motives for acquiring the Scion and her ambitions are much more sinister than just pure sport. The Scion holds secrets concealed for centuries, preserving old worlds unaltered by the advancement of time, and these secrets are about to be uncovered by a fearless, daring, heiress to aristocracy.

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    Wow mate! That was by far the best fanmade TRA Game Movie i've seen here on youtube! I loved the little details like you having her wear the Catsuit in the breaking and entering cutscene, and the Camouflage outfit in Greece. Also, the zoom in on that waterfall part, and the added music of the previous TR's was very clever! My only nitpick would be that I wish you kept in the Dobbleganger scene. That one was pretty memorable to the first TR. Also, wish you added some scenes of the first TR. I know it graphics are outdated on that one, but it would have been nostalgic to see some of it, haha.

    Regardless, this and you're RE movies are the most enjoyable pieces of entertainment i've had the pleasure to watch. 😀 Also, i'm not sure if you remember me, but I left a comment on you're videos once before, as I recall. I kinda blew a fuse in the comment section of you're ''Claire/Sheva tribute'' video for some people favoring…ugh, Sheva. That wasn't very mature of me I know, but I was very happy that you agree with me on Claire being our favorite character. So, uh yeah. Just thought i'd leave a comment, letting you know how much I adore you're work, and how much it inspires me. Keep it up, my dear friend!

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    am not a big fan of tomb raider but i di like ur resident evil stuff but i did like bits of it how u but thelegends to the remake

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    you should remake this with the tomb raider trilogy for ps3 

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    Thank You 😉 If you do decide to make any of those, I'd love to check them out.

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    Love your movies. I'm thinking of making a Gears of War one. Might do a Devil May Cry one also once i buy the HD collection. Thought Mass Effect but that one would be a long movie haha.

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