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These are 10 best tips that I’ve found super useful when I’m working on a design project in Illustrator. There are heaps of other tools that are great but I found myself using these on a regular basis. Knowing tricks and shortcuts will speed up your design process and make your workflow efficient.

Here are 10 best illustrator tips:

#1 – Global Colors 0:10
#2 – Width Tool 1:40
#3 – Rotate Tool 2:30
#4 – Live Round Corners 3:50
#5 – Blob Brush 4:53
#6 – Object Selection 6:35
#7 – Object Warp 7:47
#8 – Pattern Brushes 9:40
#9 – Offset Paths 10:58
#10 – Exporting Files 12:20

In this tutorial

In this tutorial



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28 Replies to “Top 10 Adobe Illustrator CC Tips 2017”

  1. HI , i have question, my top bar doesnt show me the size of my type. it just appear on the side, how can i put it up?

  2. I really enjoy watching your videos. I am self taught when working with AI and have watched several YouTube videos over the years, and have never found a person, that, I really liked. I like that you are quick and to the point, I like that the speed of which you work is fast. You are very articulate as well. Thank you. I have now subscribed and will be watching all your videos.

  3. Thanks for making this video! Hey! I’m uploading adobe illustrator speed art videos to my channel with similar education value, check it out help my channel grow!

  4. Best tutorial i've seen so far. You display all the important things i've been looking for. I was even looking into getting vectorskribe. Thanks to this tutorial vectorskribe is not needed.7

  5. Thank you. So nice but I could changed the color of offset path. All in the same color. How do you send it to the back?

  6. Interesting stuff🔥👍🏼 My channel is quite similar but there're many tricks I can learn from you👏🏼🎨Thanks!!!

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