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Top 10 Most Mind-Blowing Pics Taken in Space
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The final frontier sure is beautiful. From the Saturnian Hurricanes, to the NGC 4038 and NGC 4039, and the Veil Nebula, these images are breathtaking. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Most Mind-Blowing Pics Taken in Space.

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#10. Saturnian Hurricanes
#9. NGC 403and NGC 4039
#8. Veil Nebula
#7. V83Monocerotis
#6. Westerlund 2
#5. Hubble UltraDeep Field
#4. NGC 1603
#3, #2 & #1???

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43 Replies to “Top 10 Most Unbelievable Pics Taken in Space”

  1. 1:56

    “…can only be described as…electrifying….” delivered in the most docile, disinterested way imaginable hahahah

    My favorite picture from space is the “earth selfie” from behind Saturn. Fuck the earth…it’s the least interesting thing in the picture. Saturn’s rings are lit up in a way I’ve never seen them before or since. It’s a breathtaking picture…and we’re all in it! Maybe it’ll appear later in this list. I’m only two minutes in atm.

  2. I had hoped that one of the first couple photos from Cassini would be included, where you can see the dark side of Saturn in near-eclipse along with the beautiful rings, but also a tiny, blue dot in the corner of the photo. That dot is Earth. It's among the best Cassini pictures out there.

  3. And all of these awesome creation is a product of what?!!! The more i believe in an Almighty God when i look at these images.

  4. These pictures are so boring, that they actually forced a robot to explain this stuff. You can hear that the voice is not human. I would rather have watched pictures of women. Bring me Lana Del Rey, Selena Gomez, and Mariah Carey. Thank you!

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