TOP 6 Vietnamese Street Food Must Try | WATCH BEFORE YOU GO|Vietnam Series Ep. 3

Vietnamese Street Food is amazing and I wanted to share my Top Vietnam Food that you you must-try in this video. Definitely, watch before you go, especially if you are interesting in eating Street Food in Da Nang Vietnam. The Street Food in Vietnam rivals some of the best Street Food in the World and is unique in it’s own right. I share some of my favorite Street Food in Vietnam like Vietnamese pho, Vietnamese Banh Mi, Vietnamese Banh Beo and Vietnamese Banh Xeo. The video takes places in the city of Da Nang in Vietnam but most of these foods can be found all throughout Vietnam. This Food Tour in Vietnam should provide a great Vietnamese Food Guide for first time travelers to the country. Some of these food are exotic vietnamese food. This video is part of my Vietnam Series so if you like this video, please check out my other Vietnam videos, especially if you will be in the Da Nang area as this is also a Food Tour in Da Nang. Overall, my favorite top picks if you are looking to get a better picture of what kind of food Vietnam has to offer.

Vietnamese Street Food Tour Time Stamps

0:36 – #6. Vietnamese Pho Noodles
Phở 75

2:50 – #5. Vietnamese Com Ga Chicken Rice
Cơm gà A.Hải

4:16 – #4. Vietnamese Banh Mi
Banh Mi AA Happy Bread

6:38 – #3. Seafood
Hải sản Bé Anh

10:01 – #2. Hue Cuisine (Banh Beo , Banh Ram It , banh bot loc , etc.)

13:09 – #1. Banh Xeo
Bánh Xèo Bà Dưỡng
Mien Trung
Be Dung


Bánh mì

Bánh mì or banh mi refers to a kind of sandwich that consists of a Vietnamese single-serving baguette, also called bánh mì in Vietnamese, which is split lengthwise and filled with various savory ingredients.

A typical Vietnamese sandwich is a fusion of meats and vegetables from native Vietnamese cuisine such as chả lụa (pork sausage), coriander leaf (cilantro), cucumber, pickled carrots, cabbage, and daikon combined with condiments from French cuisine such as pâté, along with jalapeño and mayonnaise. However, a wide variety of popular fillings are used, from xíu mại to ice cream. In Vietnam, sandwiches are typically eaten for breakfast or as a snack; they are considered too dry for lunch or dinner.

Bánh xèo [ɓǎjŋ̟ sɛ̂w], literally “sizzling pancake”, named for the loud sizzling sound it makes when the rice batter is poured into the hot skillet is a Vietnamese savory fried pancake made of rice flour, water, and turmeric powder. It is stuffed with individual preferences, and served vegetarian or with meat. Some common stuffings include: pork, shrimp, diced green onion, mung bean, and bean sprouts.

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