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America’s Next Top Model strutted its stuff for an impressive 22 seasons over 12 years, and Tyra Banks’ reality competition kickstarted busy entertainment careers for many of its leggy alumni. But not every contestant has walked a pretty path to fashion and fortune. And some look much different than their on-screen portfolios. Here are the Top Model stars who look so much different now.

Jael Strauss | 0:21
Renee Alway | 0:51
Cassi Van Den Dungen | 1:53
Amanda Swafford | 2:52
Bello Sanchez | 3:27
Lisa D’Amato | 3:56
Denzel Wells | 4:38

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24 Replies to “Top Model Stars Who Don't Look Anything Like They Used To”

  1. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I find Bello Sanchez's eyes to be really unsettling…like the colour itself is gorgeous yes, but on his skin tone it's just too much. I'm not sure if it's natural or not, but it looks artificial either way, to me. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. 1:20 when tiara banks ruins your life lmao imagine how many men she caused to do that aswell if the model show contesrants went this crazy?lol

  3. Modeling, acting, celebrity style is stupid. Learn to work and live a good life within your ability to maintain it

  4. Stevie Wonder, he doesn't look like he used to. Years of bumping into things and being made to wear silly hats and mis-matched socks have taken their toll

  5. aw, 🙁 i feel bad about Renee – her little boy was adorable and she was so beautiful… that's really sad.

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