TRANG AN – KONG Skull Island, Heaven On Earth/ Ninh Binh Travel #4



Trang An Complex in Ninhbinh known as ” Halong Bay on land:, Trang An has a system of limestone mountains and natural caves
Visiting Trang An , visitors will be suprised by the spectacular mountains, blue water, green trees and very nice valley at the foot of cliffs and amazing caves

After visiting Mua cave, I went to TrangAn ecotourism area, about 10 minutes by motorbike, I bought a ticket to visit this place.
There were 3 people on my boat, 2 other European guests, the boatman was very friendly
We visited Trang An for about 3 hours, went through beautiful caves, clear blue water, picturesque limestone mountains
I went to visit the place where the KingKong film was filmed here few years ago
Very interesting tour today , i got back to NinhBinh to rest for the next journey
I would be back here SOON

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Sticky Rice, from Vietnam
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