Travis Greene – You Waited (Official Music Video)

Travis Greene- You Waited

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You Waited [Live]
Written by Travis Greene (Greenelight Music/ admin. by Kobalt Music)

You came out of Your way
You sat down to speak to me
What amazing grace
You’ve shown so patiently

You waited for me
Just for me

You called out my name
Knew my past
Covered my shame
This amazing grace
You’ve shown so patiently
You’ve shown so patiently

Where would I be
If you left me God
You waited, waited

Music video by Travis Greene performing You Waited (Official Music Video). (P) 2017 Provident Label Group LLC, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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  • Interesting song! You waited. Who waited! Lol The most important ingredients – No mention of God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. It is amazing how easy it is tell people anything and they just gravitate to what is merely suggested. Over 400 years of oppression and the Most Oppressed people in creation still can't see what's right in front of them. Channeler's channeling out in the Open. They will think you are singing about God because they heard the word "grace repeated over and over! Who's Grace! This is Not a Song of the Holy Order of any kind. Wake Up! There would have at least been a thank you Jesus somewhere.. God does Not GET Glory from mere Suggestions! Foolishness of The wickedest order.

  • u waited for. me who else can do that? but God alone His promises are yes and amen.. each time i listen to this song i am moved….

  • The words in this song brings tears to my eyes God has never give up on me I came through with christ by my side and he is still by my side no matter what

  • I am graeful waited for me.Thank you Jesus for your unconditional love.
    I donot where I will be if You did not wait for me.

  • This song is so touching🤗and God used Travis Greene to minister this song to his people. Who else can testify that God waited for them?😍😇

  • Je sais pas vous mais quand j'ecoute ses chant malgré que je ne comprend pas l'anglais je resend la joie comme si je comprenais la langue du chant je peut pas expliquer mais se que j'ai a dire ces que ses chant son vraiment inspiré par le saint esprit

  • Never gets old😍😍🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 still listening to this and will be til the end of time

  • Indescribable, purposeful, spiritual awakening and soul keeping. It pierces through to the soul. Must have been recorded in spirit.

  • Amazing grace indeed. This has been my soul song, leading me to true reflection of God's mercies daily. Thank you Travis.

  • Holy Spirit led me to this song by purpose and I play it repeatedly.Please God don't hide your face on me I need you right now on my financial problems….

  • May God bless u my dear brother. I love ur songs so much.My Spiritual life is more fruitful than before. To me u are my earth Angel . May God continue use you for HIS GLORY. 🕊🕊🕊👏


  • the author of this song, Travis green may not know what he has given to the world through this song. when ever i listen to this song, i see how empty i am, how helpless i am, how i need God more than anything. i ask my self, what if God did not wait for me all this years i was lost? what if God was not patient enough to wait for me to return to Him. Indeed where would i be, if He left me alone all this years??
    God indeed is patiently waiting for all His lost children to return to Him

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