[TRLE] Tomb Raider: The Reflection of Eternity | Part 1/2

Complete walkthrough of The Reflection of Eternity. Single level divided in two parts.

Website page:

Author: teme9
Release date: 08 – Jun – 2012
Downloads: 9063
Average rating (atm): 9.78
File type: TR4

Story written by the author:
Lara is on one of her earliest adventures. Lara is full of adrenaline and ready for action. She is looking for a rare and powerful artifact called The Hourglass of Eternity. The item is really intricate and worth a fortune. But Lara is not after the wealth. The Hourglass can show the past for those with pure hearts. Lara needs to find the artifact to help Winston to recover his lost childhood memories after being locked up in the freezer for too long…

My review on the official website: (8 – 10 – 10 – 9)
There’s little things to point out negatively on this level. I loved the atmosphere, loved every single detail used to spice up the level and of course the music. Everything graphical was marvelous, it really felt realistic. The water effects were amazing, except the green light change whenever you enter the water…that was completely unnecessary and intrusive to the eyes of the player. Yes it does make it more realistic, more close to the real swamp (where inside the water the green color domains due to the pollution) but for a game it’s not mandatory to look 100% realistic. Besides the green light, there were more little things which were buggy: pulling the ball was a good new puzzle, but it didn’t work properly, as you need to be in the perfect angle for the trigger to work. Other than that there was at least two puzzles which were amazing to figure them out, the rest of the game consisted on pulling levers and opening doors. The mechanic behind the Final Boss was pretty sweet and well thought, but the flames were dispensable. Overall the puzzle itself was simple, but due to that you never get bored as you progress constantly and of course, the beautiful surroundings don’t let you get frustrated or bored.

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  • As a big lover of the India levels of TR3, I find this trle so pretty & awesome! And also, the difficulty is just perfect. TR3 is my favorite TR game and I've played it so many times that I remember everything about it. So it's nice to have kind of a "substitute" for it 🙂

    Also wanted to thank you for this walkthrough, I got stuck so this vid helped a lot. I just kinda feel bad for having to watch a walkthrough though. This trle has some well hidden levers!

  • The ponytail can catch on fire (not by flares), nevertheless, I find that spiders were an insult, to be watched.

  • CD could learn a thing or two from this level design. I think the world got tired of moany Lara and her quest to become strong instead of just being hired and go on adventures just for the sake of a thrill.

  • Hey I'm a new sub, I love your channel man! Thank you so much for your efforts in making these awesome videos, keep up the good work and I wish you the best 🙂
    This TRLE is one of the best TRLEs ever made and definitely one of my favorites, I like how it looks, how it plays and the title is so beautiful (The Reflection of Eternity) too bad it's too short!

  • If i buy The PC game (tomb raider level editor), will i be able to create levels or just download them? Please! Someone tell me!

  • Really love your channel and watching you play these TRLE's! New subbie! Also appreciate those speed ups for box pushing!

  • The author was always good in great objects, textures, visuals… Making a wooden structure was fun, but there were more cool moments. Happy to see this one, for I've played it, but got stuck rather early and never finished. 🙁 And the level looks great so far. Maybe too much green in color scheme, but can't really complain about that.

  • used to try and play this… but by that time I haven't played TR4 so I was kinda lost and quit xD

  • thanks for great videos 🙂 you make me happy every day when I watching your awesome videos!!!! 😀

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