TUTORIAL ! How to maintain SSD drive , keep it healthy (solid state drive life extend)

Got SSD? You probably paid a LOTS OF money right? (read fully)

1) Do not set Page File size less then 400MB (even if you have SSD).
2) On 6th step,right click on CMD(command prompt) and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR

*Free Process Monitor(used on 4th step)

*Free SSD monitor tool (monitor daily write activity before hitting “estimate”)

*CMD commands used on 6th step:
fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify (to check the TRIM)
DisableDeleteNotify = 0 (TRIM is working)
fsutil behavior set disabledeletenotify 0 (Enable the TRIM)


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  • pagefile? Disable on SSD, enable on a HDD partition. (1.5 times physical memory)
    readyboot? it only reads from SSD, it writes to (for instance) a memory stick.

  • Thank you great job, but in the CMD part, It wont give me the administration yes/no window . The cmd window just pops up, then when I copy and paste the info listed, it says I need administrative privileges. Any other way to excess that?

  • It is because the memory that the page file is using is going to partition itself, so that you will not be able to locally use it. Also, it won't create space since the program itself is either disabled or has a restricted memory capacity. Honestly, what I did was I put the page file onto one of my hard drives. It will then not touch you SSD and you will also have the benefit of having a page file. 🙂

  • Hey nice video. DO you use Camtasia studio and render in camtsia. Or do you use that and vegas. Also can you tell me the settings for camtasia and vegas that you use? THanks.

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