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In this video, we take a STOCK Shield Android TV and perform the following:

– Become a Developer
– Enable USB Debugging
– Allow unknown apps to install
– Install ES File Explorer
– Link ES File Explorer to Google Drive

You’ll need to do this for many of our tutorial.


14 Replies to “Tutorial: Setting Up Shield TV (USB Debug, Unknown Source, ES Manager + Drive)”

  1. I guess all of you are aware of that ES File Explorer is no longer available on Google Play Store of Android TV, Android Box and nVidia Shield. For my newly purchased Shield, I am not able to sideload my APK collection. I did some research and realized that Android 8 and 9 do not allow users to install APKs from a USB thumb drive. It took me a while to find an alternative to ES File Explorer. Finally, I found a tool called "MI Box APK Installer" on my Shield's Google Play Store. After installing it, I can now install my APK collection. It is very easy to use and I recommend it to you guys.

  2. Hi I can’t get dolphin emulator to work correctly on Nvidia and when I try to download an updated version or older version from es it says app not installed can you help I’m trying to play game cube games I have dolphin pro and regular one but can’t access roms

  3. ES file explorer is not recognizing my external storage and I don’t know what to do anymore can someone help me please

  4. I want copy files from es file manger to pendrive but it only says you havnt permissions….plz solve my problem

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