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This video will guide you how to take backup and restore data of your device directly to your pc using ADB

TWRP 3.1.0-0 is out now for all currently supported devices.
What’s new in 3.1.0-0:

1.vold decrypt on a few select HTC devices, TWRP will now attempt to use the system partition’s vold and vdc binaries and libraries to decrypt the data partition (nkk71 and CaptainThrowback)
2.adb backup to stream a backup directly to or from your PC, see documentation here (bigbiff)
3.tweak MTP startup routines (mdmower) new Android 7.x xattrs for backup and restore to fix loss of data after a restore (Dees_Troy) POSIX file capabilities backup and restore to fix VoLTE on HTC devices and possibly other issues (Dees_Troy)
6.better indicate to users that internal storage is not backed up (Dees_Troy)
7.improve automatic determination of TW_THEME (mdmower)
8.minimal getcap and setcap support (_that)
9.try mounting both ext4 and f2fs during decrypt (jcadduono and Dees_Troy)
10.shut off backlight with power key (mdmower)
11.timeout during FDE decrypt (Dees_Troy and nkk71) for FBE decrypt and backing up and restoring FBE policies (Dees_Troy)
13.boot slot support (Dees_Troy)
14.TWRP app install prompt during reboot (Dees_Troy) for AB OTA zips (Dees_Troy) new Android 7.x log command (Dees_Troy)
17.update recovery sources to AOSP 7.1 (Dees_Troy)
18.numerous bugfixes and improvements by too many people to mention


or use TWRP from play store

Backup & restore commands:
1.adb backup –twrp
2.adb restore (name of the backup file)

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30 Replies to “TWRP 3.1 Backup and Restore direct to PC using ADB”

  1. Hi. I have an issue… Need help !!!

    Have a oneplus one, LineageOS 15.1, twrp

    Need to make full backup, but no enough free memory. Try to twrp direct to pc

    Did adb device, and I see my phone..OK

    But when I try:
    adb backup –twrp

    Did not work. Shows back a error:

    adb unable to connect for backup: device '(null)' not found


    need help !!!

  2. I can get the command to go through and it will say "Now unlock your device and confirm the backup operation…" But the phone doesn't respond while in the recovery mode….Any ideas?

  3. There is one way that does not require downloading anything as long as you already have ADB on the computer!: turn on USB debugging (click seven times on the phone version, it is easy google it), open cmd where you have adb allowed, type in command line "adb pull /sdcard/TWRP TWRP" done you have the folder on computer, change the extesion of the .winXXX to .tar.gz (if you allow compressed files on twrp)

  4. Not have words to say, thank you so much!! I was installing a new custom room in my Zuk Z2 Plus and my TWRP have fail and I don't had more a ROOM installed. So I stay without ROOM and TWRP, your method helped me recovery TWRP and restore the ROOM! Thanks thanks thanks! (forgive my english, I am from Brazil)

  5. Help. When I rebooted to recovery mode using TWRP and entered the command "adb backup –twrp" it said "adb: unable to connect for backup: device offline". What did I do wrong? How can I make the device recognized even in recovery mode? Thanks.

  6. My backup.ab was in another folder and I couldn't restore. I moved the file to the same folder as adb.exe and now it works. 😀

  7. I did the recovery but my cel died and i can't put the data back to an android. Do you know if there is any way of openning my phone data on the pc?

  8. Please tell me…after copying the backup into PC…can I delete the backup from phone..? To get that free storage?? And can I move the backup again to phone incase I want to restore it…?Please Help me regarding this

  9. Is there any way to extract the backup file made with twrp via ADB? I tried to use android backup extractor without luck

  10. HELP!

    Hey guys! I hope this comment section is still active.

    Here's my story, I was trying to flash the latest update (Oxygen OS 4.1.6) on my 3T using Flashfire. I've done this before with the previous updates with no problems and usually do a backup straight to my phone. This time, i tried this adb method. Log story short, the update won't get past the boot animation and heats up like mad! So I tried to restore the backup.ab file (adb restore backup.ab) but now nothing happens! It sends me back to the 'Select Package to Restore' menu but there are no more backups on the phone, I only have the backup file on the PC (10gb so it's fine)! PLEASE HELP

    UPDATE: i think i might have ruined the phone, TWRP is now showing a 'No OS installed' message.

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