UK PM Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus – BBC Newsnight

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus and is self-isolating in Downing Street.
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He said he had experienced mild symptoms over the past 24 hours, including a temperature and cough, but would continue to lead the government.

England’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he had also tested positive while England’s Chief Medical Officer, Prof Chris Whitty, has shown symptoms.

Another 181 people died with the virus in the past day, figures showed.

It takes the total number of UK deaths to 759, with 14,543 confirmed cases.

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  • How very odd? Even the man behind your current incarceration, Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial college London seems to have caught it.

  • time for them to both step down until they are both free of the virus; there should now be a coalition government, which must include corbyn; this is not a political issue – it's a humanitarian one.

  • Corona virus has been around for years decades!
    It's on your Dettol bottle, kills Corona virus!
    What's the chances of China riots stopping when Corona virus popped up again then just another chance that it hits Europe at Brexit?
    Change of power and the scales of justice are tipping in favour of the system change.
    Just like Pharos magicians scientists were trying to find a natural reason or replicate the ten plagues.
    So now are our Pharos/rulers and scientists doing the exact same thing as Pharo!!
    Two witnesses dressed in sackcloth and ashes which in today's language is NBC suits cheap cloth and carbon ashes.
    They will be killed and their bodies shall lay dead in the streets for three days and everyone around the world Will pass presents to eachother!
    But God will raise them up from the dead .
    The last sign to be given by Jesus Christ was Jhona in the Belly of the whale.
    Jhona instructed by God to go to the city of Ninivah and tell them from royalty to beast of the field to dress in sackcloth and ashes and fast from food and water for three days and God seen that they repented so God repented of the evil he was going to bring on the city!
    Before Jhona preached he was conversing with God and God sprung up a giant mushroom for him to sleep under and he was given a vision of the aftermath of the destruction if he or they didn't do what God asked and it was destroyed with a big mushroom over the city!!!
    Sounds like a nuclear weapon today!
    As they lay down their snares they shall fall into them themselves.
    We have plenty of snares/silos around for us to fall into the snares we built.

  • Pandemic???! Have you checked the worldwide statistics for Corona virus?it's a blip compared to Spanish flu, UK's flu season,.People want to worry and wonder why we haven't heard anything from the ordinary Chinese public while they are on lockdown and ask yourselves why there isn't any personal vids on here while they are all in there homes??? I've scrolled through and can only find news from a month ago. How can a country stop every citizen they have from posting their own updates on anything let alone this so called Pandemic 😠😠 🤔🤔🤔

  • With technology we have today I thought all members of parliament would be working from home right at the beginning ! ? If not then , then now..

  • Whats with the negative waves…. I'm with Boris all the way. He is the only one thats sorted this country out. And if he wants to get stuck in and be part of us then he is not scared of catching the virus.

  • He has only been tested for Coronaviris. Not Covid 19. This time of the year a lot of people have coronavirus. The Headline should read " THE PM MAY HAVE A COLD"… Yawn

  • God's power he doesn't need a physical army to remind secular of a shake up message, just to make them think. Not all ppl will for. That's not the objective always of a virus

  • Should not have their millons and their social status immune them unlike the herd? And what happened to social isolation, hand washing. No foodbanks and UC claim for them, and no isolation certificates and fit note for them with the threat of sanction if the bloody maniac of the DWP does not get its paper work. Do I feel sorry for them? Nope. I more interesting in the elderly, the sick and disabled seen as a burden, the rest seen as the herd: mere cattle.

  • Isn't it amazing that this lot can be tested within hours but us mere voters wait days for the same. Another indication that the ruling classes get preferential treatment.

  • Boris was boasting not too long ago that he was shaking hands with everyone even people, who've got Coronavirus. Herd immunity in action!

  • The world has gone bonkers. Why should us Britons go the same way ? Its a relatively low mortality ( in fact, very low mortality ) virus. Its not CJD or Rabies….
    Get a fucking grip, my fellows.

  • …ohhh… I thought the Prime Minister was being publically executed for being an ADRENOCHROME PAEDOPHILE… my mistake… as usual… the media say it isn't happening…. because they are next ):):):L…

  • Typical Boris, he’s done a 1000 times in Parliament , when the accusations fly somehow he manages not to be present. I’ll put my hands on fire that he’s not sick at all……..

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