UPDATE ERROR? REPAIR EVERYTHING from Recovery using 4bash.zip on KaiOS





Official Jailbreak (safe method), Universal method by patching the data partition (safe), DevTools (WebIDE, make-kaios-install and Gdeploy):

basic linux commands, how to make a full backup, special tools and how to restore your device from Recovery Mode:

Temporary root using our apps (Telnetd, ADBRoot and Wallace), how to patch your custom Recovery and enable ADBD root on a custom Firmware using abootimg:

ADB, Fastboot, EDL, debug, how to use “grep” to find secret codes, how to patch WhatsApp to made it compatible with old firmware versions, basic models and important links to start dveloping KaiOS apps for the official KaiStore and for OmniSD, important tools and projects (Wallace, Gdeploy and GerdaOS):

Remove stock apps, enable a swapfile as support the RAM and to improve the performances, customize the stock apps, tips and tricks, GerdaOS, custom ROMs…and much more:



This list serves to guide developers in choosing a KaiOS device on which they can test applications, study bugs and improve the operating system as freely as possible using ADB and development tools:

– Debug-enabled
Here are the best phones for those who want to develop applications, study bugs and improve KaiOS:
for Nokia 8110 4G, Nokia 800 Tough, Nokia 2720 Flip, MTN Smart S 3G, Alcatel Cingular Flip 2 and some Alcatel Go Flip
just dial *#*#33284#*#* to enable the debugging USB, a bug icon should appear in the taskbar;
for Alcatel 3088, Orange Sanza, Nobby 231, Positivo P70S, Energizer E241 & E241s, H242 & H242s, E220 & E220s, H241, H280S, P280s and Tigo Kitochi 4G
dial *#*#33284#*#* and *#*#0574#*#* to enable the debugging USB from the menu (or viceversa).

– Hardcore devices
for CAT B35, Jio Phone & Jio Phone 2 no debug code works and it’s difficult to enable at least ADB and DevTools, but it’s not impossible.

– Devices to be freed
This list contains all the devices under study on which a solution has not yet been found. The description shows the problems encountered by our researchers. Those interested in researching on these devices can join the community by contacting us through our communication channels. However, if you are only interested in developing applications for KaiOS, we advise you not to purchase one of these phones:
Alcatel MyFlip / A405DL, Acatel SMARTFLIP, BLU Zoey Smart, Doro 7060 / 7050 / 7070, Maxcom MK241, Sigma X-Style S3500 sKai and Vodacom Smart Kitochi.

– Unknown devices
Here all the available or announced devices for which there is no news will be listed. As always, anyone interested in researching these devices can join the community by contacting us through our communication channels:
Africell Afriphone, Zantel Smarta, TECNO T901, Multilaser ZAPP, Indosat Ooredoo, QMobile 4G Plus and much more are coming….

Google Groups (official forum comp.mobile.nokia.8110) =
Facebook =
Twitter =
Discord =
YouTube Community Tab =
E-mail = bananahackers@googlegroups.com

All this because the sideload of third-party apps belongs to the nature of Firefox OS which is the heart that beats and moves KaiOS.

Freedom is a right. In the case of software it is a choice.


© Ivan Alex HC, from Italy, admin of comp.mobile.nokia.8110 on Google Groups, moderator on Discord, YouTube Channel’s owner, creator of BananaHackers.net, B-Hackers Store and KaiOS ITALIA, Bananahackers member 2019 – present


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