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When you update your Creative Cloud to 2017, the software will install and overwrite your previous version of CC. So you will only have CC 2017 on your machine. To avoid this, when you click on “update all”, DONT CLICK THE UPDATE BUTTON YET, instead, click the “Advanced Options” and uncheck the box that says “Remove old versions.” This will allow CC 2017 to install on your machine while also keeping your older version of CC 2015.

As you all know, Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 has been released. It is very exciting and there are some amazing new features I can’t wait to try out! But…it is a very smart move to keep your older versions of Adobe CC on your computer upon updating. This way you can still open up older projects in CC 2015 just in case CC 2017 has any bugs they still need to work out. In my experience over the last 12 years, it is always very smart to wait a few months before upgrading to any new software because upgrading too soon can sometimes have catastrophic consequences. SOOO…in this tutorial I’ll show you how you can have the best of both worlds! You can update and try out the new software without putting your daily workflow at risk.

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  • 4 minute video for 5 seconds of relevant content.

    Also, why do the asshats at Adobe think everyone wants to remove the old versions? This is never something you want to do in a professional environment. Is should install a separate version by default or at the very least, it should be an option you can set.

  • I have a question, from México Hi, I already but for used them on a Year, How can I install them, because it doesnt let me do it, it its probably because of the days I have to wait, so they can upgrate ? Or I have to contact to someone of Adobe Creative Cloud ? Thank You !!! …

  • will that actually update it. because it says its corrupted when i try to update premiere pro. so before I update it I just want to know if thats what will fix it

  • What happens to preferences and plug-ins with this method? Do they move / copy to the new folder or stay in the old?

  • If you have already downloading before doing things this way, you can simply go back and download the old version (CC 2015). Adobe allows you to re-download old versions.

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