Upgrading Macbook Pro/Air to an NVME SSD and renewing Thermal Paste

I’m sharing my experience of upgrading the internal SSD on my early-2015 13″ retina macbook pro to an ADATA SX8200 PRO with the help of a sintech M.2 NGFF SSD adapter.
This same method will be applicable to Macbook Pro units from late-2013 to mid-2015, and Macbook Air devices from mid-2013 to early-2017 models.

Time stamps (skip ahead to your desired section):
0:00:09 – I/O speeds for the stock SSD
0:00:18 – Opening the chasis
0:02:26 – Cleaning the heatsink
0:03:37 – Applying new thermal paste
0:06:08 – Search and rationale for a replacing the SSD
0:09:03 – Installing the new SSD
0:10:11 – Booting from a USB installer and formating the new SSD
0:11:13 – Restoring from Time Machine backup
0:11:43 – I/O speeds for the new drive.

Macrumors forum link:
Although the title is 2013-2014 macbooks but the thread talks about a range of mac computers.

Make a bootable installer of Mac OS Mojave:

These videos by Denis Schiopu and Luke Miani helped me a lot.

Sintech Adapter:
I bought from amazon:

ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro PCIe 3.0 x 4 M.2 NVME SSD

Screwdrivers (search Amazon or eBay):
Philips head 1.5
Torx T5
Pentalobe P5

I bought these:

All equipment and upgrades are purchased by my own funds, there were no sponsorship deals or product advertisements.


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  • Hi! Really cool video and thanks for the tips!!!!
    I’m gonna make the same upgrade on the same macbook with the same adapter… Just some questions:
    Did you ever noticed some problems like fake ibernation or problems in boot up? And also do you recommend to use the thermal metal plate you find in the box? I mean maybe is good but I don't know if it fit inside the macbook….

  • Is it the same process with the MacBook Air? I have been reading and some people say that the adapter is to thick for it. I was planning to use the 970 pro

  • FAAR too much Thermal paste. Its supposed to be just a think layer between CPU and the Cooler. 3 Little dots probably would have been enought thermal past. This is at least 5-10 times the amount you need.

  • Does your ADATA SX8200 PRO still work good after one month of use with your mac? I'm looking to have the same configuration with my early-2015 13" retina macbook pro

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