USB 3.0 Express RC8 SSD

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  • Hello! Sorry to hear that you've had issues, please email WTG(dot)support(at)supertalent(dot)com and we can help you get this fixed!

  • DO NOT BUY THESE. This thing was super fast. It was amazing. Then suddenly without warning it failed to mount on my Windows 7 HP desktop. I could see it in the Disk Management of the Device Mangler, but it wasn't initialized. I tried to manually clear the volume with DiskPart and the more I attempted to work with it the less it could be detected. The device's firmware can no longer be detected and only a solid blue light illuminates when inserted into a USB interface. Sad.

  • @gosupertalent Ironkey is the best for security and the price reflects this. I own two of them and they are fully FIPS140-2 compliant (not just compatible).

  • @lenoat702 – Now available on Superbiiz (dot) com and other resellers. Click on "Where to Buy" on our home page to find a full list of SuperTalent resellers.

  • @gosupertalent — Good news. The 64GB ERC is much faster than the one I used in the Ceedo demo. It should be working quite nicely for you. Chime in on the Forum and let us know how you like it now.

  • @kaisersahin — it is available now but very popular and some capacities are already back ordered. I am hearing that the RC8 50GB is going for about $230. If you need portability and speed, it is the best thing going.

  • @fohat50 — If I were to name the Express RAM Cache (ERC) again, I would call it the RC4. It has a RAM Cache but 4 channels of flash. Plenty good drive. It is significantly less money than the RC8 and the RC4 is actually about 7mm shorter…. that said, our Ceedo bundle will work on any of our USB 3.0 drives and in fact, I have run it on both the RC8 and ERC. It absolutely flies. I am fortunate enough to have both drives but if I was spending my own hard earned cash, its a toss up.

  • @fohat50 — The Express Ram Cache (ERC) is a great drive and much less expensive than the RC8. The ERC is 4 channel and it has a real caching system, which will enable it to improve performance will all kinds of data. The RC8 is eight channels and uses the SandForce Write Acceleration feature to act as virtual cache. It works really well as long as your data is compressible. I like them both and use both. My ERC is my Ceedo drive too. I love it. It looks like the ERC is about $80 cheaper

  • @dhowser2008 — That price sounds about right. This drive has great performance and is portable. Portability is your one word answer. I am installing Ubuntu on it right now. It is going to fly.

  • @byteusa — Someday this will be the case as this drive is bootable. Booting at USB 3.0 speeds is not possible yet, but the USB 2.0 performance of this drive is amazing. The 8channels of flash and write acceleration feature (acting as virtual cache) enable this drive to fill the USB 2.0 bus. With 43..5MB/s Reads and 38.5MB/s RANDOM Writes. There is nothing else like it to date.

  • @byteusa – a great question. Currently USB 3.0 is not supported at boot. We might need to wait until next year for that. When we can, it looks like this one would boot at over 200MB/s but … if booting is your goal, perhaps the RC8 is still the answer. This drive hits some of the best USB 2.0 scores that I have ever seen. 4K Random reads at 38.5MB/s!!!; that's at least 5-8x faster than a hard drive!!!

  • So.. I can boot windows from this as a secondary partition, then delete my primary HDD partition and be flying on a magic USB stick?

  • @kaisersahin Not quite sure what you mean by upgradable controller. This is the SF-1222. It is a great controller but their entry level. It delivers great performance and helps keep the price low. This is really a fun drive – runs cool too.

  • Serveral people asked me about how this drive would perform in a USB 2.0 port, so I tested it live in Taipei. The USB 2.0 performance is amazing. It fills the USB 2.0 bus to levels I did not know were possible. Small block performance on USB 2.0 is almost non-existent but this drive hits 38MB/s on reads and writes in USB 2.0
    If you want to boot to USB, this is your drive!!

  • Still waiting on final word on pricing. I expecting something very similar to a SandForced SSD price; this is not your parent's flash drive but an SSD. Come see this drive at Computex Taipei this week. If you can't make it, be on the look out for the reviews to start appearing from the show.

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