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Today I talk about how to get back your missing USB options when your Android device is connected to a PC via USB.

I originally restarted my Android device (Nexus 6P), but this did not fix the issue.

After doing some research I went into “Developer Options” (must be enabled) and turning on “USB Debugging.” This seemed to fix the issue, even after I turned it off or turned of “Developer Options” as a whole.

There may be other ways to address this issue, and if so, please leave suggestions in the comments below to help others.

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41 Replies to “USB Options Not Showing On Android When Connected To PC – How To Fix”

  1. Video worked wonders! Went on developer mode and found USB configuration and selected MTP instead of charge only and can access phone drive on computer. Thanks!!!

  2. If the notification is not showing up when you connect your device, try getting a toothbrush and cleaning the USB port of your phone, or change the USB cable.

  3. Before trying anything check your data cable, even if the phone is charging the data wires may be cut, or in worse case, the connector on your phone is damaged

  4. I’m having this problem now with my 2nd gen moto x. This didn’t work but while plugged in my friend called and when I looked up after hanging up it showed up. Maybe this will help somebody.

  5. If you already had developer options enable, try this:
    Click on "Revoke USB debugging authorizations" and revoke, go and tap a couple of times on "build version" until it says "you are already a developer".
    Then, restart your phone and connect it to your pc

  6. the problem is when i update to oreo/pie my pc wont recognize my android when i put it in usb 3.0 and only charging, when i put to usb 2.0 my pc recognize the phone. but when the os still nougat, it will recognize my android when i put on usb 3.0

  7. Worked for me on my lg g8 thinq after i accidentally had clicked "always" once choosing an option. Thanks!!!

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