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Use your SS Card as Internal Stoeage in Android Marshmallow
with adb shell.

You can move your apps to SD Card + data of application.
and cached data for apps in SD Card.
Free your internal.

Tested and work for Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5,5 (ZE550KL) and
Samsung Ace 3 with Cyanogenmod 13.
maybe work with other phone running android 6.0
(not work on SAMSUNG FIRMWARE)



31 Replies to “Use your SD Card as Internal Storage Android Marshmallow (no Root)”

  1. Problems list and fixes

    Problem 1:
    > error device not found
    Fix 1: Install proper USB Android Drivers (easy to find, type in Google "your_smartfon usb drivers")

    Problem 2:
    > /system/bin/sh: sm: not found
    Fix 2: exit console and turn it on again and type "adb shell sm list-disks"

    Problem 3:
    > volume partition disk failed with null (or something similar to)
    Fix 3: Don't worry, there's high probability your partition is successfully created

    Problem 4:
    The partition's created but it is empty and internal one is full
    Fix 4: Go to Storage & USB (pamięć i USB), tap newly created partition (internals group) then tap advanced options and tap "move data"

    Do I have to backup data?
    – Yes, at least once a week 😉 seriously, before formatting anything always backup your data. Formatting includes erasing
    Do I loose guaranty?
    – Nope, it's safe (you do it using your own SD card) and simple to restore
    How can I restore basic partition settings?
    -Just connect your SD card to PC (directly) and format as FAT32/exFAT or buy new SD card 😀
    Can I brick my smartphone?
    -Yes, because there're some people on this planet that can brick a phone by writing SMS and you can be one of them

  2. Why does everything always have to be so fucking needlessly complicated? You should just be able to stick the piece of shit card in the piece of shit phone and have your piece of shit space ready to go. Its so fucking stupid. now i have 32 goddamn gigs that i thought was actually gonna help me out but i guess not. It doesnt help that the phone itself is supposed to have 16GB of internal already ready to go and then you look in the phone and fucking 6 of them are used up right when you turn it on with shit you actually need, arent even allowed to delete, or both. It shouldnt be this fucking complicated and now i gotta do all of this bullshit just for some extra space. What the fuck is the purpose of not just letting you easily put shit on the card by simply having it in the phone?

  3. I not access need to field download.So that video 's explain part add,please. or that mail need to field send Thank you.

  4. Great it worked !! just download the driver from here –

  5. Thank you Bro perfectly worked on Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE601KL, but card will only we used as internal storage and you cannot move apps manually to SD Card , so instead of moving apps to SD card you are moving SD card to memory.

  6. Leider funktioniert es NICHT mit Samsung S 7
    Unfortunately, it does NOT work with Samsung S 7

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